Tanzania “Checks In” with Ministry Report

June 18, 2018 Mbeya, Tanzania

From Pastor Samuel Andambike Mwakasungula, UNTCI Fellow, at New Testament Church

Dear Brethren:
Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for prayer for God’s work we have here in Tanzania. We see God’s grace that
prisoners hear the gospel in prisons that we serve, and people outside the prison hear the
gospel and grow in faith of Jesus Christ.
In the grace of God the Father we have visited the seven children of prisoners who live in
difficult circumstances after their father are imprisoned, many children who have stopped
attending to School are because of lack of school equipments such as school uniforms, exercise
books, pens and School fee. We thank God for representing the love of Jesus Christ for these
families by distributing exercise books, pens, pencil and school uniforms to continue their
education. The children and their parents were very happy for the children to start school. We
have a large number of children of prisoners who need help, we need your cooperation, we
invite you to visit us and see how we help these children living in difficult situations. Most of
the children of their dad have been arrested for 30 years, and others have been sentenced to
death. Please remember in your prayer for these families.
Prisoners in our prisons are coming to Jesus Christ after hearing the testimony from their
families and many Muslims confessing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through this
ministry. Help us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are not received by the
Gospel of Jesus Christ through this Prison Ministry we do in Tanzania.
Some Pictures during visiting the children of prisoners:
We need your prayer, and your help, we teach pastors who could not get any Bible
knowledge in the college, to be able to get the knowledge of serving God in their places. Many
very rural villagers need to acquire Bible knowledge so that they can serve God well in their
places. Each year they come to study the Bible for three months. We need your help to find this
teaching tool, and how to improve this program.
By means of spreading the Gospel from house to house people hear the Gospel, and churches
are being rooted in rural and urban as well. We’ll be able to make a good service if we’ll get the
tools to work in this service. We need to get money for the printing of gospel tracts, Bible
lessons, Bibles and Projector for showing the film of Jesus Christ especially in the rural areas.
Our team has managed to distribute 39 Bible courses this month, and I had a hard work
marking the Bible lessons. We need to make groups for students we study with them the God’s
Word, to make house-to-house Bible discussions to fit the place where the students are from.
In completing this program, we will be able to do better if we will find books containing
discussion questions. This service is done for the sake of reaching out to people who are not
received by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We ask to join with us in this ministry for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and building the
body of Jesus Christ.

 We need materials for teaching the pastors the word of God
 We need materials for evangelism like gospel tracts, Bibles, money for publishing Bible
 We need missionaries or church to send a group to help God’s work here in
conjunction with this ministry, we will be happy even if the church will be able to send
a little flock for a while to help spread the Gospel, teach pastors.
 We need your cooperation with your application in this service we are doing in

in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Samuel Andambike Mwakasungula National Director
New Testament Church
Box 3083, Mbeya Tanzania East Africa

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