UNTCI Campus & Offices CLOSED for Summer Break

We are closed for Summer Break

The Staff is off with friends and family…

We hope you will be too!

if not, we will be checking messages and emails from time to time, but please allow us some grace.

in the meantime, don’t forget your benevolence, your active presence, and your reservations 

For all the detailed information you need to plan

and make your reservation…

The Promise Campus including the Offices of The United New Testament Church, Int. and it’s Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Christian University are closed for the Summer Break.

Administrative functions will resume August 27th

During this down time,

  • you may leave a voice message on the Office Phones System
  • you may send an email to untci@outlook.com
  • you may send a message via the UNTCI Facebook Page @untci

These communications will be checked from time to time, however the staff members checking may not be in a position to reply / respond until their return to the office.

We pray you have a lovely Summer (if it is summer where you are), or at the least a wonderful break from the routine.

-Rev. Dr. Fifer, Prelate, and on behalf of the UNTCI Staff

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