A Letter To The Ministry from the Prelate (Giving)

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

I write to the Fellowship today with a purpose that makes my heart ache because I should not have to say these things to the ekklésia of Christ to which we all claim membership, coverage, and unity. I have prayed over this for a very long time for the words to speak, ears to hear, and hearts to respond.

As Prelate here, I have a responsibility to God, to you, and to this church and organization that sometimes goes beyond the difficult. But may I remind you Brothers and Sisters, that you are not without responsibility.

Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38 (NKJV)

Let me share with all of you an excerpt from the “End of year 2017 Report on Benevolence” that was made from my office to the Board of Directors:

…Please accept this report as a “final look” at 2017 in order to understand where we are now only so that we may focus better on how we can direct the ministry into this next year and beyond as God gives us vision and discernment.

1. The average membership total for 2017 340 Members

2. The average monthly Benevolence total $1,081.14

3. The average monthly expense total $1,087.21

4. The average monthly Benevolence per member $3.14

5. The average number of monthly giving members 8 or 2.4%

6. The average number of one time gift giving members 8 or 2.3%

7. The average number of benevolent members per month 16 or 4.7%

I ask you my dear Fellows, “How do we direct this ministry into this next year with only 16 of the 340 members contributing to our daily responsibilities to the ministry, our monthly obligations to our missions, and our future that God is calling us to?”

You have joined this Fellowship in order to receive something for the purpose of serving God. You are relying on this fellowship to cover you, provide for your Spiritual, Corporate, Administrative, and Academic needs as well as be here for your “emergency” requests for assistance; aren’t you?

Several years ago we removed the “fee schedules” for “doing business” that you reportedly found so “troublesome” and offensive to “real ministry” with a promise that if we charged nothing for the routine needs of your ministries you would cover these costs and do more for the ministry through offerings, not less. We even created an easy to find portal that makes giving easy, fast, convenient, secure, and open to everyone including nonmembers who just want to give a gift for a good reason, complete with a URL that’s easy to remember and share (www.untci.org/giving-center/). Even if you want to help your ministry (and meet your obligation) by writing a check and sending it USPS we have up-to-date information all in the same place on how to write it and where to send it. Everything you need can be found at www.untci.org/giving-center/

So, if there are no more “barriers” to your giving Brothers and Sisters; what then could it be? Because we know our obligation, not just as Christian, but as Ministers, and Members.

I say all of that in order to give you this;

We can’t bless, unless first we are blessed. The church moves forward in the world only by receiving first from those within, then raising that which is given to God for His blessing and measure, and then the distribution for the purposes that it was raised can occur. Only then, will we collect up more and much more. ( I refer you now to the loafs and fishes)

It must start with us to come back to us. It must start with you…

Make this year, the year in which your obligation to this ministry is not just met, but exceeded. That this, your ministry might do great and glorious things more abundantly to His Glory and that you might be better served and blessed as well.


Think about it…

How far could this ministry go, how many more could we bless, with just $10.00 a month from you and every Fellow of UNTCI.


By His Grace Alone,

Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer, Prelate




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  1. I am writing this letter in response to Dr. Fifer’s “A Letter To The Ministry from the Prelate (Giving)” of January 18, 2018. I want to express my deep gratitude for the tremendous efforts that Dr. C. Joseph and Lynette Fifer, as our President and Vice-President and so much more, make on behalf of the United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association members. They are Christian role models as they serve us through the giving of their time, personal resources, spiritual and administrative support, guidance instruction, friendship, charity, and Christian love. Their influence enriches me, not just through my direct involvement with UNTCI, but also through the indirect means of seeing our association touch the lives of so many others around the country and the world. Even though I am part of a community church, I tithe to the UNTCI General Fund and support Missions regularly, because the work the Fifers are doing is my responsibility too, and I have an obligation, to our association and even more to Christ, to share the financial costs.

    Like many members of UNTCI, I am a bi-vocational minister who is blessed in many ways by my membership in this ministerial association and by the untiring efforts of the Fifers on our behalf. I value the educational support I have received through the orientation and prerequisite courses and the Professional Woman’s Minister Certificate program I have completed, and through the Professional Chaplain Certificate program I am doing now. The depth of knowledge I have gained, much of it free and the rest at a low cost, is on par with what I have gained in much more expensive my post-graduate seminary courses.

    The spiritual covering I receive by virtue of my ordination and member relationship with you, my fellow ministers, connects me to a larger body of Christ that is vitally important to me in fulfilling my sense of call. In addition, the weekly lectionary-based fellowship and ongoing mentoring and support offered by C. Joseph and Lynnette Fifer help me grow in spiritual and practical ways, so I can better serve Christ. The member resources provided through the UNTCI and TECU websites and Facebook pages have allowed me to stay connected with the ministerial association as a whole.

    As a result, I have made valued friendships with many of my fellow members from around the world. This support is offered in an environment where the core Christian values are guided by a Statement of Faith that encourages a diversity of theological perspectives and ministerial practice that is not confined by bricks and mortar. The Fifers were both wonderfully open to developing Prayerful Crafters – a Mission of UNTCI as an online community, giving me a meaningful way to serve that has truly blessed me. As well, they have given me guidance in deepening my spiritual growth through service to my local community and church.

    It is a privilege to give back in the ways that I can, and my financial givings have been important in enriching my service and my faith practice. When I offer my UNTCI tithe to General Givings and my Mission Support, I have the assurance of knowing that I will see them used responsibly to support our Christian grassroots efforts. It comforts me to know that I am practicing responsible stewardship by supporting UNTCI financially, but I truly receive much more tangible rewards from this community of Christ than I could ever give. For that, I thank God for the Fifers, and I pray that you will also find it in your hearts to support UNTCI so that they and our association can continue to work on our behalf.

    God bless you all in your service to Christ as ordained members of our association.
    Rev. Margaret Hoggard

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