An Immediate Direct Appeal for TODAY!

April 10, 2017 BondoTowne, Kenya

It’s the LAST DAY to give to the Bondo, Kenya VBS program! Please, help us bless these children…
The funds are due tomorrow and we are $105.00 short of what is required.
…here is an excerpt from the last post outlining opportunities for “Lenten Service” in which the VBS was highlighted:

Guildford Park Church Ministries, Bondo Kenya

Headed by Pastor Fred Akello (UNTCI’s Missions Representative to Kenya), are actively trying to build children’s ministries throughout the area using their network of local churches. Their mission is to educate children out of poverty in Christian Faith. They have planned a VBS over the school break in April where they will take the children to various educational sites, the airport, museum, wild animal park, etc. most of their children have never been outside their village. Each child has been able to raise funds equal to $2.00 US thus far. A total of $450 US is needed.

Please, Help! Go to our “Giving Center” now at :

Go to the “Missions Support” area and GIVE.

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