Communion & Fellowship at The Round-Table

Communion & Fellowship through Modern Technology…

The Round-Table Communion and Bible Discussion ministry has been a part of the UNTCI Fellowship for many years. In its infancy, it broke ground using a text messaging group through our website and was only available to members.

These days, thanking God for modern technology, we live stream video in real time directly from “Home Office” to all of the world. All one has to do now is come to our website on any mobile devise or computer.

The intent remains the same, to promote fellowship, the sharing of Christ Jesus among His family here, and to edify and encourage one another for another week in service to Him in His Kingdom.

The invitation is what is changing. We invite all of you to come and participate with us in Holy Communion (bring your own elements) and stay and listen to the discussion. Take it in and see if it doesn’t left you in some way. When it does, then participate through UNTCI’s Facebook Page the discussion through our Engage Pastor, Arnold Staton who is monitoring the discussion there. If you really like what you experience at The Round-Table, invite your congregation, friends, family, group to share communion with you and us, and join in the discussion.

If you can’t join us on line live, TECU makes every session available as a recording to share or download primarily through the campus Facebook Page but, also through the Seminary’s Facebook Page

This is a ministry of the United New Testament Church, Int. designed specifically for the Fellowship here and all those whom they serve in the name of Christ Jesus. We encourage all of you to “come and see” and to “share” with everyone who would benefit.

As with every ministry, this too needs your support. Please, if you like what we provide, give. Come to the “Giving Center” and bless this fellowship.


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