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February 27, 2017 Toney, Alabama (The Promise Campus)

TECU’s Kenya Seminary Needs Equipment


The Class 1726 (Distance Seminary Course Kenya) is underway with three course topics already complete and the student’s course work coming in. The students are reporting that they are being challenged and enjoying the time together in instruction. They meet at 6am local time, every Friday in the community room off the lobby of the local hotel where they have electricity provided.

The students are dedicated to this effort in order to earn their degrees and ordination and it shows in their willingness to gather before the rooster crows (a rooster can be heard at 6:20am local time somewhere in the vicinity), come together in study groups during the evenings throughout the week, and turn in the quality work they do.

We want to be as equally dedicated as faculty and staff of TECU and pray the Fellowship of UNTCI would want to be dedicated to this and future efforts like this one in this area with so much need.


One of the issues we have as we present our courses through a livestreaming link is the “audio repeat” and “latency” that occurs because of our voice traveling the distance then being broadcast through speakers to the class, where it is received through their microphone and rebroadcast back to us. For an example, if you haven’t already watched a live broadcast of the classes being conducted, you can see one here:

The equipment pictured above is designed specifically to remove this problem. It is called a “listening center” and consists of a “jackbox” that is plugged into the computer’s audio jack, and headphones that are then plugged into the “jackbox” so each individual can hear us without the transmitted sound coming back through the microphone. This eliminates the “audio repeat” and the “latency” that goes with it.

We have shopped this equipment out and of course it is available for the best price through We plan to purchase this necessary equipment as quickly as we can, however we need your help. Once again, it is the shipping cost that is prohibitive. The cost of shipping this equipment to Bondo Kenya is in excess of $250.00.

Will you help?

Please, if you are willing to help us provide this equipment to make this effort and those we have planned to follow, a better experience; please go to our “Giving Center”, find the “Missions Support” category, and be as generous as you can.

Remember: Your Ministry (UNTCI) only goes as far as you are willing to send it.

Be Both Blessed and a Blessing Today!


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