Florida Ministry’s Storm Prep / Response

Email Servers were down this morning 9/7/2017, when this email was Authored and intended to be sent to our Ministers in Florida:
On behalf of the Staff at Home Office and the rest of the UNTCI Fellowship, I want all of you in Florida to know that you are covered in prayer. As our thoughts and preparations now turned toward you, we stand ready to do what we can for you and your Ministries whether the need be for recovery or assisting others in recovery.
We can help with logistics, material/supply collection, or we have a response team with heavy equipment and chainsaws. They are currently in Texas, but can be retasked as necessary.
Please keep us informed as to your safety and situation as things progress and share with us what your needs are, or response will be in the afterstorm cleanup and recovery.
The Lord Bless you and Keep you,
Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer, President
256-262-3052 UNTCI Office
419-906-5350 UNTCI Mobile
…please share this and your own prayers with those in Florida and all those across the path of Irma.

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