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Ministry & Seminary Reception Hours: Mon. – Wed. 9:00AM-3:00PM & Thu. 2:00PM – 7:00PM   (U.S. Central Time)
Please Note We are Closed ALL Christian, United States Federal and Local School System Holidays

The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association, Inc.

Can be contacted by post through The Promise Ecclesia Equipping Campus (Home Office) at:

24290 Al Hwy 99 Elkmont, Al 35620

Can be contacted by phone at:


Can be contacted by email at:

Can be contacted via Instant Message through FaceBook at:


2 thoughts on “Get In Touch With Us”

    1. Brother Tony,
      We recognize that you are a “lifetime Member” and you should have received a certificate as such. The intention at the time of offering these memberships was to waive the future membership fees for the member as a “perk”.
      We no longer charge a membership fee and are completely dependent upon the benevolence of the fellowship to provide for and move our ministries forward. The membership requirements have changed in order to better create and support an atmosphere of ekklesia and fellowship:
      1. Benevolence
      2. Participation
      3. Stay up-to-date
      You can find these requirements and much more at “membership” and “about” located on the main menu bar (over on the left side) of our website.
      We do waive the “benevolence” requirement for those who have the “lifetime membership” if they so choose, however the rest is still required to remain in “good standing”.
      If you will contact “Home Office” at to update your personal and ministry information records, you may request an ID card then. Our records indicate that it has been a couple of years.

      Blessings to you and yours

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