Giving Thanks Is Our Way Of Life!

“We Give Thanks To You O Lord”

…These words were spoken (in some form or fashion) in small family settings, large group gatherings, and settings in between all over America in this last week. Many traveled great distances to either hear these words or proclaim them. “We have much to be “thankful” for…” has been the agreeing refrain throughout each of these moments of reflection and joyous celebration. Indeed, we have much to be thankful for, for the Founder of The Feast is good and should always be celebrated!

Let us not forget in these days and in anticipation of this next year, how it is that we are to respond to such blessing.

We are not called to store up what He gives us in our own barns. He gives only that we can share.

If we use what He gives as it is intended (as a means of Grace), we know that He will provide more, and even much more for ourselves, our families, and our ministries.

I say all that, to say this…

You are part of a Fellowship that is struggling to grow into what God has intended it to be. You are called to be a part of this that He has created and provided as blessing, not only to the outer reaches of the world, but to you. Have you been blessed by what your Fellowship has provided? Have others been blessed by you because of your fellowship here? We give thanks by first giving. This is the way of Fellowship, and it is certainly the way of Christendom.

In this SEASON OF THANKS, and the ADVENT of the coming CHRIST, I ask you to respond thankfully with a renewed support for your fellowship that is The United New Testament Church, Int. (UNTCI). Give back freely and generously so that you (your fellowship) can give forward regularly.

Please come to the “Giving Center” and give blessings that we may go with you and bless even more!

The Giving Center: Voluntary Online Tithes and Offerings

This is YOUR Fellowship. It will only change the world for Christ if you…


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