Join the “Team” In Support of our Missions Everywhere

Join the “Team”, the Missions Support Team!

Our UNTCI Missions need your support. We can only do what is provided for, and only go as far as the Fellowship is willing to take us. We pray to the Lord for providence for the things He has called us to and the opportunities that He is presenting us each and every day, to serve Him by helping His in the spirit of His own words from Mathew 25.

…for a limited time, make a gift of $50 or more directly for “Missions Support”

and receive your “official” UNTCI Missions Support Team MUG



These are high quality, substantial, ceramic mugs that feel good in the hand and look good on your desk or table. The stylish design (front and back) represents your Fellowship and Ministry with and through UNTCI.



  • Simply make your gift contribution to “Missions Support” for $50.00 or more
  • Make a copy of the receipt that is generated from this transaction
  • Send us an email with the receipt copy attached w/ “Mission Support Team Mug” as the subject to: 
    • Be sure to include your name and good delivery address
    • Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery
  • We will send you an order confirmation that will include shipping / tracking information

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