Kenya Seminary Students to Receive Memorial Bequest


Kenya Seminary Students to Receive Memorial Bequest

November 14, 2016 – Toney, Alabama

The Ellouise Doreen Hoggard Memorial Fund has made its first bequest to the Kenya Seminary Students, a mission project of the United New Testament Church International (UNTCI). This gift will include a scholarship to cover the remainder of monies needed for textbooks for the seminary class and a gift of a case of bibles for each of the 12 students to use in their churches. The fund was created to honor the life of service of Ellouise Hoggard who died on November 8, 2016, and to share the inspiration she provided to others by supporting grassroots Christian missions. It will be privately administered by Fruit of Agape Community Transformations, founded in February 2016 by Royce Hoggard, Ellouise’s son, and his wife, Rev. Margaret Hoggard, a member of the UNTCI ministerial association.

Throughout Ellouise Hoggard’s life, she looked for opportunities to respond to her strong sense of call to Christian service. To answer that call, she freely gave of her time, resources, and creative and administrative talents. From 1952 until her death, she was a member of the Daughters of Rebekah. She lived by the core values of faith as the foundation of their creed, which is lived out through friendship, love and truth in service to God, friends, family, community and the World, “for in God’s eyes, we are all brothers and sisters.” She was an award-winning quilter, artist, and accomplished craftswoman who donated her beautiful creations to raise money for missions and community projects. As well, she passed on her skills to others, serving as an organizer, teacher, and workshop leader in various community groups for children and adults.
Among her many other charitable activities, Mrs. Hoggard prized her work with Bible Centered Ministries. She provided voluntary administrative and practical support for many years to Crusaders Bible Camp to fulfill the mission of “Reaching Children – Strengthening the Church.” Known by her pastors and Christian friends for her deep love of Christ and Scripture, she had a call to spread God’s message through Word as well as deed, and to that end, supported the Bible Society for decades. The bequest of textbook scholarships and gifts of Bible case lots to the Kenya Seminary Students, with its potential to reach hundreds and even thousands of “brothers and sisters,” provides a powerful way to honor her memory. Fruit of Agape Community Transformations plans to identify projects each year to support with proceeds from the Ellouise Doreen Hoggard Memorial Fund. The fund will be privately managed, supported in part with the sale of craft items and workshop proceeds to continue the work of Christ in her memory.


Ellouise Doreen Hoggard

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