Many Opportunities This Year For “Lenten Service”

“do” some Lenten Service…

March 20, 2017; Elkmont, Alabama UNTCI

We are always praying, both here and probably where you are, that God would provide opportunities that we might show the world both who He is and whom we are in Him. We pray every day that He would give us the vision to recognize these opportunities and the courage to seize upon each to do all that He asks of us in each, that we might find joy in the effort and that He would be glorified.

The Season of Lent is that time in the year that we focus even more on these opportunities as part of our building better habits and deeper lives as Christians called to love and serve. What say you?

Your Fellowship here is involved in many opportunities that God is providing for both Christian Fellowship, and Christian Service. These opportunities are occurring all around us within our very own Fellowship. Fellow ministers and ministries of UNTCI are in need of help in this season of “service” – here then, by the grace of God are our (your) opportunities:

  • Victory Healing Ministries, Monrovia Liberia

Headed by Pastor Hamilton Bleh, their mission schools and main service building were damaged by a storm that came in off the port and caught the country off guard and unprepared. They have asked for help in the cost of repair and can always use help in the cost of feeding and educating the children. Christians are under great pressure in Liberia and the few Christian Schools that remain need our help desperately.

  • Guildford Park Church Ministries, Bondo Kenya

Headed by Pastor Fred Akello (UNTCI’s Missions Representative to Kenya), are actively trying to build children’s ministries throughout the area using their network of local churches. Their mission is to educate children out of poverty in Christian Faith. They have planned a VBS over the school break in April where they will take the children to various educational sites, the airport, museum, wild animal park, etc. most of their children have never been outside their village. Each child has been able to raise funds equal $2.00 US so far. A total of $450 US is needed.

  • Grace & Truth Orphan Home, Hyderabad India

Headed by Pastor (Joseph) Nageswara Rao Bussa, This ministry is caring for over a dozen children full time and 2-3 dozen more part-time in a completely Christian home and school environment. Their care is a massive undertaking for he and his family, but their Christian love and sense of service and duty keep them going. Being surrounded by a majority of Hindu, it is difficult to find local support for what they are doing. They have asked for help with the purchase of small pre-owned vehicle that they can use to transport the children to and from doctor’s appointments and such. Currently they are spending $60 US a month on these trips. Purchasing a vehicle for $4500 US will save them $40 US a month and will allow them to help 2 more children.

  • House of Love Ministries, Paulding Ohio

Headed by Pastor Predest (Dwayne) Richardson, is a rural outreach church and ministry situated in one of the poorest counties in Ohio. The majority Methodist population left the church a generation ago to work more hours either on the farm or the factory. Most of the churches that remain are struggling with low numbers and no offerings which has forced them to partner with local governmental assistance programs that by regulation reduce the impact of the faith based organization trying to help. Pastor Dwayne, has put all of his “retirement” into this ministry, recognizing the need for a true independent Christian church to be the foundation for the real “help” that is needed in this area. To bring them back to education and faith in order that they may lift themselves up.

These are just a few of the ministries and missions that UNTCI is helping first IN the Fellowship, and then BY the Fellowship. This ministry operates solely on the benevolence of it’s members. We can go as far in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as you care to take us.

I still envision this ministry as a worldwide force for Christ, empowering, supporting, and equipping the called right where they are!

What do see?

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We must “Pour In”, to “Pour Out” in His Name! 

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