Mission Funding Falls Short for Liberia

Mission Funding Falls Short for Liberia

October 17, 2016 Monrovia, Liberia (Filed Through Home Office)

What follows is the simple report filed from Victory Healing Ministries written by Pastor Hamilton Bleh. As many of you may know, UNTCI has been trying to raise funds and send a mission of 5 ministers to them in time for their annual conference where we had planned to minister to the children, conference with the Pastors and Teachers there and bring them much needed supplies.

Since last year’s planning began, we lost Pastor Scott Peters (Our World Missions Director) who disappeared after announcing a “brief” mission trip to Mexico. Fell short of our volunteer goal, with only John Price adding his name to the list, and fell woefully short of the funding goal raising only $1,130.40 of the estimated $13,000 to $17,000 necessary to go.

The decision was made last month to allow what money was raised to go to Liberia before their conference so they may put it to use  as they may need prior.

The conference was postponed by one month with the new dates being November 23 thru 27 2016 so that they have time to get the necessary repairs done and the food ordered in time. We can look forward to pictures being shared of their conference in late November.

Fellowship, even as they write in appreciation for what “we” have helped them with, I can’t help but know in my heart that we can do better for those of us that need more. Are you blessed in your ministry? Isn’t it time then that we should be the blessing we are called to be in the world? These are ministries of The United New Testament Church, Int. and ministers in fellowship with you.

Let’s all be part, after all, what you are part of here is “Fellowship” (and that’s a verb).

Give to”Missions Support”

Here is their letter and report:

Dear Dr. Fifer for UNTCI

On behalf of the church, school, and my family, we want to extend our special thanks and appreciation to the UNTCI family, and your family in particular for your time, effort, and contribution for our support in Africa ( Liberia) may the hands that contributed be blessed in Jesus name.

We are still believing in God that UNTCI is thinking in the direction of making a trip to Liberia in 2017 or to extend an invitation to us for 2017 conference so that we can sit and discuss all things that matter.

We have received from you one thousand one hundred and thirty dollars out of one thousand one hundred thirty dollars are forty cents.



Three (3) days conference November 23 – 27, 2016

1 bag of rice a day 50 x 3 days = 150

Soup kind 150 a day x 3 days = 450



Because of the present condition of the church and the school, we did some renovation work.

1 bundle of zinc for 50 x3 = 150

Planks = 100

Different types of nails 3inch, 4inch & zinc nail = 25

Workmanship = 75


Post box change

Our post office box has been 1188, and that was a medium box, but government has increase the prizes and so we decided to take a small- box that we can manage as of now our post box is 479 and is 80.00


The four hundred and thirty dollars has been used, for the renovation and the box, but the six hundred dollars is reserved for the conference until October ending before food items will be purchased. Again we want to say many, thanks to our spiritual parents not forgetting the children ministry.

In Jesus name. Dad my wife would like to talk to you what time should I call you!

Ps Hamilton K. Bleh


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