Recovery Begins in Liberia Missions

Monrovia, Liberia; March 13, 2017

After unexpected storms ravaged parts of Liberia, many are left cleaning up and making repairs, including our own UNTCI missions of Victory Healing Ministries.

Just weeks before the annual planning conference was to take place, the “Home Church” facility along with several of the outlying mission schools were damaged, rendering them useless until they can be repaired. Victory Healing Ministries has postponed the conference in order to focus on the needed repairs with the priority going to the schools in order that the children don’t miss too much time.

Pastor Hamilton Bleh, Overseer of the Victory Healing Ministries in Liberia and Fellow Member of UNTCI has asked us for financial assistance. The repair costs are going to be high and the needs are immediate. Our help in order to make these ministries whole again is a necessity.



Please respond to their call, by going to our “Giving Center” and selecting “Missions Support”


To read more about the storm and the damage from a local perspective, you can go to:




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