Responding to “Harvey” in Texas

August 28, 2017

We are “gearing up” with organized response to help the people in the Houston Area.
Several of our Ministries are committed to go with food, supplies, and equipment.
UNTCI has 25 ministries in Texas, 3 of which are within the damaged areas.
Home Office will be assisting in the organized response with financial assistance from the fellowship, coordination of movements into the area, and logistics.
All “one time donations” given through the GIVING CENTER will go to storm relief efforts during this time of reaction and recovery.

Anyone with equipment, supplies, and/or volunteers intended for the Houston Area can contact “Home Office” for POC information, route information, and area requirements / needs updates…

256-262-3052 direct line


One thought on “Responding to “Harvey” in Texas”

  1. God Bless our ministry and the pulling together with this hard time right now Texas is going through. So proud of those near by to help and for those of us helping with any donations able to give to be of help too. This is a very dire need.

    I know many prayers are being sent also for all who are planning to go and help as well as those who are there through no other option.

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