TECU’s Distance Seminary Class 1726 (Kenya) to Graduate!

June 20, 2017 Bondotowne Kenya

Trinity Evangelical Christian University’s first ever Distance Seminary Class (1726), organized for Pastors already serving churches in the area of Bondo, Kenya and conducted entirely by Live Video Link between the classroom in Kenya and our Seminary Staff here at “home” using a common textbook and Bible as source, is preparing to graduate. The class of 12 is about to complete the last of their 13 courses in order to earn a Bachelor of Theology & Ethics Degree. The courses are 2 weeks long beginning with with a 2 to 3 hour lecture each week that leads to intense textbook and Bible study, culminating in a written exam for each course topic that requires exposition.

The only computer available to the students has been provided by TECU & UNTCI for the Live Video Links, submission of each student’s work, etc. along with the student’s research requirements. They make their notes and write their course exam expositions by hand, using paper and pencil.

Each of the Students of this class has worked hard and learned a great deal in a relatively short time, by dedicating many hours to not only study, but to traveling in the early hours of their morning through much of the “rainy” season to get to class and meet with their fellow students. They should be proud of their accomplishments with the help and grace of God as we all should be proud of them too, for the courage and commitment each has shown throughout these past many months.

TECU intended this class to be a learning experience not only for the students, but for the Faculty as well. Having never done anything like this organized group effort of teaching, we didn’t know what to expect as we set out to do it differently from the onset in order to make the effort more effective, yet simple and affordable. As a result, we have something that uses off the shelf technology, common and accessible to every people around the world in order to concentrate on the teaching and learning which should be the most important aspect of an education effort.

Most of the Pastor/Students of this class have already signed up for the Master’s of Divinity program and our Director of Education (Kenya), Pastor Fred Akello, has 12 more Pastors from Bondo area churches waiting to begin the next Bachelor’s Degree session. Additionally, and as a result, TECU has been asked to be the provider of continuing education courses for the Students of the Great Commission Bible College & Seminary in Nigeria, and to look into the possibility of forming “campuses” to support the same type of classes as here in Kenya, in India and in Pakistan.

The Graduation / Commencement of TECU Distance Seminary Class 1726 (Kenya) will be August 5, 2017 at 10AM (local time) with TECU’s Director of Education (Kenya), Frederick Akello presiding with all their friends and family in attendance. They will each then be Ordained, Anointed, and receive the “Laying on of Hands” in addition with UNTCI’s Kenya Ministries Representative, Bishop Jacktone Kadero presiding as part of the ceremony. We plan to broadcast the ceremony as a UNTCI Live Streaming Event on our website www.untci.org


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