The Last Reformation (studying the “Acts” church)

We are pleased to be able to offer this series of study to our ministries and ministers of UNTCI.

This series published in 2013 comes from the “Pioneer School” and is all about change and thinking outside the box for our ministries and churches. But instead of creating something new (again), this study is all about the “old”. It takes us back through the traditions established by the Catholic Church in order that we might undo them, shake them off, and return to the original intent of “ecclesia” and the church of The Book of Acts.

After you have completed these study videos for yourself or with a small group, let us know what you think by sharing a post here or writing directly to Dr. Lane who has brought this opportunity to us through his efforts for TECU at:

Here is the link to get you started:
Published on Aug 17, 2013
Come out of the the box. Much of what we do today is because our church history. It is important to understand this in order to take our glasses off, they are  hindering us in reading the Word of God as it is. This is an important lesson as Torben, the instructor in this video series, will come back to this again and again during the pioneer school.

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