The Promise – Ecclesia Equipping Center: UNTCI’s Own Equipping, Conference and Retreat Facility

On Sunday night October 13, 2013, Paul & Nicole Weyant (AL), C Joseph & Lynette Fifer (OH) and Sam & Kathy Jo Kahn (WA) gathered at The Promise – Ecclesia Equipping Center. We prayed together there in the silent woods, with the crickets and birds providing the chorus & the beautiful bright moon shining through the forest canopy, and consecrated the land to God for His purposes. From this property, we will equip the Body and free the world in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF THIS VISION!  The Promise Ecclesia Equipping Center is approximately 4 acres of undeveloped land located in Limestone County, Alabama that currently has a small one bedroom cottage attached to the property that will be used for The Promise development office, and to temporarily house ministers who may be traveling from other areas to volunteer on the project. We put $3,000 down and have a monthly payment of $700 on the $80,000 mortgage note.  At the 2013 World Conference, UNTCI Regional Representative Rev. Sam Kahn challenged the UNTCI Body to join him and 2 other members present in committing $70 per month to help meet the monthly mortgage payment to get the paid off and debt-free.

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The calling is to build a large lodge that will have dorm rooms, a commercial kitchen and a large auditorium for recording, training and equipping, ministry events, broadcasting and more.  The primary ongoing purpose of the property will be equipping fellowships around the world to walk intimately with God, and to learn new ways of allowing Jesus to regain the headship of His church.

This land belongs to the greater UNTCI Body, and all those in Full Fellowship would be able to utilize the property as needed for thier ministry retreats on a first-come first-served basis.

We ask you to prayerfully join us in committing $70 per month, with an initial goal of 12 monthly partners. You can set up automated monthly payments above.  You will be given an instant tax receipt each month and your contribution is tax deductible. With your help, from this spot, we will impact the world in deeply positive and lasting ways.

Please join us on this exciting journey! You will receive periodic updates on the property’s progress, and special information regarding upcoming work retreats on the property. You do not need to live close by to financially support the Ecclesia Equipping Center – Members around the world will reap the benefits, and we need your support.

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