The Round Table Adds a New Feature

February 16, 2017; Toney, Alabama

The “Round Table” Communion & Discussion is adding a new Feature…

As the popularity of the weekly “Round Table” discussions (seen here every Thursday) grows, a new feature is being added that will allow the watcher to better participate in both communion and the discussions that follow.

As part of the live streaming broadcast we are now offering a “chat back” service through Ustream that will allow anyone watching live to make comments, ask questions, reply, or simply give your “amen” as appropriate by adding yourself to the chat group you will find to the right of the video window.

The idea here is to add to the experience and encourage participation. The comments and questions will be visible to all viewers and monitored by the hosts of the discussion at the table.

Try it out, tonight and every Thursday night, right here on the landing page of your at 7PM Central

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