A Spirit-Anointed Education Methodolgy

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    Pastor Sam

    A Spirit-Anointed Educational Methodology

    There is always personal growth if you allow the Holy Spirit to work. Having read and thought about this section of First Steps 101 I realized I do always invite the Holy Spirit in first. We always pray and step into a Bible study or other teaching opportunity, but to take further steps to worship and praise first.

    Jesus taught on prayer when his disciples asked how to pray in Matthew 6.
    Mat 6:9  Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” (English Standard Version)

    The first step is always praise and worship. In reflecting on this I had my revelation that habits
    sometimes cause us to grieve the Holy Spirit.

    The next step to create intimacy is to create a time to let the group grow closer through hugs and contact.
    I am a self-admitted person who struggles with hugging. I am used to keeping a distance between myself and others so thinking about hugging is not always at the front of my mind. I do realize this is a past issue that still surfaces at times. I am praying to God to remind me to hub and do so often.

    I will be bringing those two steps forward in all that I do so that not only will others be
    blessed, but I will also be blessed. I have a Bible study coming up on Thursday that I will be bringing both of these to.

    Hugs all and praises to God.

    God bless

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