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    For the last few years I have been working for New Life Church in Sioux Falls. It has been challenging. My ordination is not recognized and my role has been strictly administrative. When I arrived the church would draw about 80 people on a good week. The average attendance is now around 300.

    I’ve gained many new skills working for New Life. My first role was as media director. I had 2 AV volunteers and a disgruntled volunteer sound engineer that worked every week. I had to let the sound guy go and built a team of happy and dedicated volunteers that work every other week. I eventually turned the department and team over to 2 paid volunteers that I trained to replace me. One of the most important thing I learned in the process is to never overwork volunteers. Today most of the work I do for the church is in marketing as well as maintaining the building and supplies.

    The only preaching I have done for the past few years has been at a local mission. I represent New Life at the mission and preach the third Saturday of every other month. While preparing messages for the mission God has given me a call to resume my ministry with messages to edify the church and give hope to the unchurched.

    Since I am coming off Sabbatical I will be here regularly and look forward to online fellowship with my UNTCI brothers and sisters.



    Greetings Brother Jim

    I so miss our conversations. I have been off the grid as of late with some medical challenges, but God has restored me and I am back. I have noticed that the website has changed quite a bit and some of the direct links do not work like they used to. I had to dig to find the forum. I noticed that there are not many new posts, especially from all of our old buddies. I pray everyone is doing well. I am so glad that you have resumed your call to ministry. I can tell you that you have been missed.

    How are you doing? My wife and I recently moved into a new home in Greensboro, NC. God is good. I have a new secular job that is taking up a lot of my time but it is quite rewarding because I am able to bless others on my team. I have taken on some new responsibilities in Ministry at my church. Drop me a line sometime so I know you are still kicking. Many times God will have us to take a step back so He can continue to prepare us for the work of ministry. Set-backs are merely set-ups.

    Be Blessed


    Hi Brother Isaac!

    I’m on my last month as a consultant at New Life Church. It’s been a great few years helping that small church grow. The church and staff has really grown and blossomed. At this point I have pretty much trained so many staff and volunteers I trained myself out of a job. It’s kind of sad and exciting at the same time. Almost like watching your child go off on his own as an adult.

    I’m now putting a lot of my effort into online evangelism. I will still do some short term consulting for ministries. I think I might be the only affordable consultant left. Most people who consult have priced the service out of the reach of most people. Kind of a shame.

    This week I had an amazing revelation. A woman at church complained about pain in her shoulders and hips. I asked her if I could pray and she was healed in less than 10 seconds. I put my hand on her shoulder and said “In Jesus name you are healed.” She said she still had pain so I said “In Jesus name I command these shoulders to loosen and the pain to come out of your body” She said the pain was gone and I did the same for the hips.

    I had the revelation that we can all do that and we should. We aren’t here to persuade people that Jesus is the Lord, but to demonstrate it with power. It was so amazing that I have been pestering people asking if they have any aches or pains. I want to see it happen over and over. lol. It was so fun seeing the look on her face and saying, “That’s Jesus, now you go and do the same.”

    To be honest I should be worried about how I am going to pay the bills next month. I find myself so at peace that it isn’t really an issue. God will provide and they will be paid. God is so good!

    I am so excited I could go on and on, but I’ll just give you an update. I am currently recording video for a Youtube channel addressing controversial questions about the faith. I am also working on updating my websites and recording content for a podcast. I’ll post updates as I publish and keep everyone updated.

    God Bless you Brother!


    Cheryl Chaney

    Hello Brother Jim,

    That is a great testimony of the healing power of the living God. The bible tells us that the Lord confirms the preaching of the word with signs following, so you are acting according to the word of God. God bless you and empower you as you begin this next phase of ministry.

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