Back to work and looking for opportunities to speak.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am coming off of my sabbatical and ready to get back into ministry work. I posted an update over in the my ministry section and don;t want to repeat myself here. Give it a read if you have time. Over the last few years working in South Dakota I have noticed that many people have no idea that God has a plan for their lives. I was surprised to discover that many people do not even recognize the voice of the Lord when he speaks to them. Actually, I should say God revealed these things to me, trust me I’m not smart enough to discover such things on my own.

    The only preaching I have done the last few years is at a local mission. I don’t preach at the church that employs me and probably never will. My function there is administrative and they do not recognize my ordination. Needless to say it has been a humbling experience, but worth it due to the experience and wisdom I was able to gain in the process. Part of my duties include dealing with the many indigent and homeless that come to the church during the week seeking help. That is challenging because you have to determine what help they need and where to refer them. You also have to learn to identify the ones who want help from the many hustlers that come through the door.

    Over time God has given me a message of hope and edification for both the churched and the unchurched. I use my previous life experiences as an addict, veteran, mental health patient, and convict to demonstrate how God can bless the worst of people. After all, if he will allow me the privilege of preaching his Gospel, he can use anyone.

    I will soon be contacting churches and ministries in the Midwest seeking opportunities to speak, so you may hear from me. I’ve never been concerned with the size of honorariums. If I have a place to sleep and can get back home I’m all set. That allows me to speak to even very small groups. I do not work with are children’s and women’s ministries. Those two groups are outside of my call to ministry.


    Carol Weaver

    God bless you in the work you are doing and helping people which is what being a servant of Jesus truly is about.

    May the Lord lead you as you stepped out once more to do His work in a different way now or again.

    Am not of Midwest, but blessings,

    Dr Carol

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