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    Hello all, just checking in. I pray everyone has a blessed day!



    God bless you all. I am also checking in.


    Joseph Fifer

    Glad to see you “checkin’ in”…

    We know everyone is busy with their career, families, and ministries, but don’t forget us – Your Fellowship! We want to know what your doing in your ministry and how well you’re doing. Share your successes and your setbacks. That’s what we’re hear for!



    Greetings brothers in Christ,
    Glad to see you checking in. The Tucker Hall Forums are still accessible, but you have to use different link to access them because of a website addressing issue. I noticed that there are not many new posts. It is a great place for us ministers to connect, exchange thoughts, and form relationships. There was always such spirited dialog and I hope we can get that back because I miss it. Here is the direct link to the forums. I hope to see some new posts there.

    Be Blessed


    Cheryl Chaney

    Yes brethren, it would be good to get back to more active fellowship and dialog on the UNTCI site. I do miss the discussions as well. Blessings on all.



    Greetings Sister in Christ. I am glad you feel the same concerning the missing dialog that was so prevalent years gone by. So let’s make a difference and start a higher participation in Tucker Hall by posting or responding to posts. The beauty of blessed interaction is the exchange of ideas and forming relationships. Hope to see you out in the “Hall” soon.



    It took me awhile to get back into the swing of things with the site and links but just checking in to send Blessings to all and to reconnect with anyone I lost contact with.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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