Friday the 15th

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    Dearest in Christ,
    I received a warning from the Chaplains in Texas that we are facing a possible problem this Friday. I don’t know all of the details but the gist seems to be about police brutality and other problem generally related to race if I understand correctly. This is a highly organized event taking place at about 50 cities in the US at approx the same time. The closest to me is New Orleans. I must admit that I am a bit mystified, but I am told that I’m “out of touch” anyway. We do have social and economic problems in this country and much of it can be attributed to the Roe vs Wade decision (prayer in school) and other legislation limiting the moral influence of children (and adults) in an effort to make a homogeneous society. Like Utopia, it is a wonderful aspiration, even noble one might say, but in reality cannot be accomplished. No amount of legislation will ensure that all people get along, that there is no violence, and that there is completely equal treatment for everyone. By the way…There is not more unequal that the equal treatment of unequals. What does that mean? The facts of life are that certain people are gifted in one or more areas of life and some are almost without any type of gift. No matter why you believe this is so does not change the facts or provide any avenue to change or equalize these natural occurrences. Yes I’m saying that people are not all equal; equal in intelligence, athleticism, musical ability, and many other areas of our complex lives here on this earth. Anyway, along with this near-axiom is the fact that some people are never satisfied with anything and don’t want anybody else to be either. These folks believe that if you can own a yaght a huge mansion, or have the opportunity to attend the very best universities, live in the richest communities, etc. What I am trying to get at is that more and more our nation is becoming more humanistic and citizens of “the world”. The past 50 years a trail of anti-Christian changes have begun to give fruit. The fruit of this humanistic world view is the permeation of sin and evil into all public and even private activities. This belief system has no clear goals or ideals other than a method of fulfilling the wants of every person. It is indeed about desire and wants and not about needs or values. Some would have you believe that this “problem” in the US has just happened or is just happening, but those who are not afraid or the truth know differently. It has been at least five decades in the making. Some of the culprits go by names such as cultural relativism, communism, socialism, and self actualization and manifest in cults, gangs, sects, etc. This also includes organization who claim to be about equality and equal treatment yet always press for special legislation to give special rights, change the entire character of society, and eliminate such things as traditions, customs, things that add true unity to a society and nation. More later..

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