UNTCI Offices and Equipping Campus closed today as a safety precaution

UNTCI Offices and Equipping Campus are closed today as a safety precaution. 

There were 2 confirmed fatalities in our county last night, and nearly 15,000 are without power today.

We praise God for His protection and provision during last night’s storms.

Please keep North Alabama in your prayers.



Tuesday Morning, April 29, 2014
Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson/Meteorologist Ben Smith

Tuesday Morning Update: Steadier rain now moves across DeKalb County this morning. Most of the Tennessee Valley is quiet for now. There is a *moderate risk* for severe weather again today for portions of the Tennessee Valley. Wind, hail, flooding rain, and tornadoes are possible again today. Here is more from Jason Simpson:

Forecast Information: The storm system bringing the threat of severe storms keeps rain and thunderstorms around through at least Tuesday afternoon. Additional heavy thunderstorms with gusty winds and hail are possible on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

( From http://whnt.com/2014/04/27/school-closings-and-delays-for-monday-and-tuesday/ )

One thought on “UNTCI Offices and Equipping Campus closed today as a safety precaution”

  1. Praise The LORD o my soul, that you are all safe, Prelate! Hallelujah to the Lamb of GOD! Hw are the girls? My Prayer Team is alerted to the conditions there and I will update them now.. My children and I lived thru a #5 tornado in 1985.. believe me, when I say my heart is with you all. I am deeply sorry for the destruction and loss of lives in your county, and in all the states affected.. it is a poignant reminder that we must ALL be ready to meet our maker at any and ALL times.
    THANK YOU for letting us hear from you! Bless your soul..
    Much love and prayers, Rv Rhonda

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