UNTCI & TECU…In the New Promise!

March 27, 2017 Elkmont, Alabama

A New “Home Office” and Campus for the Ministry

Some may have noted the change of setting during the last two “Round Table” Bible Discussion broadcasts (Every Thurs. 7PM) while we were “trying out” a new opportunity for a base of operations and broadcasting. The studio setting worked well and the office space was just what we needed to better serve the fellowship, so…


Over the weekend, March 23-25 we moved into the new “Home Office”.

The new address is as follows:

UNTCI / TECU Promise Campus

24290 Al Hwy 99

Elkmont, Alabama 35620

All the other “contact” information remains the same and you will find the address has already been updated across the websites and our social media outlets.

The cost of this move to the ministry was nothing and it is estimated that it will save the ministry thousands in operating costs over the next few years. We are all called to be good stewards of what God is providing!

We Thank God for this opportunity, and pray His blessings upon the UNTCI Ministry and Fellowship that He be served and Glorified through us and our action into the world.

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