UNTCI Network Community Terms of Service

Please Note: Terms of Service Were Updated December 5, 2016


We don’t believe “Policies” need to be overly complicated… but they should be clear.  Take a moment to review the information provided below, as it directly governs your use of our site & continued participation in UNTCI’s international fellowship.   *Be sure to check back often, as we do routinely update this important information.

Items of Policy:

You are responsible for maintaining an active Ministry Association Membership to remain active in the community. You can take care of that HERE.  Our Engage Pastors (moderators) do periodically conduct membership checks, so maintain active status to avoid account access limitations.


We value YOU, and we want to demonstrate that to you through responsible stewardship of your personal information. Any information you provide during the course of your Ministry Association Membership is guarded consciously, thoughtfully and effectively. We DO NOT share your information with third parties, EVER.


It’s important for UNTCI Members to keep up with the happenings of the Ministry Association & to stay engaged. The way we do this is through single-issue news posts and infrequent e-mails.  Most government entities require you to remain in ongoing communication with your ordaining entity. Receiving and actually **reading** Ministry Announcements is an important part of meeting that requirement.

If you need SUPPORT, please review the tab below called “Getting SUPPORT If You Need Help”…


This community exists for Christ-centered support, edification and camaraderie, personal interactions on this site should be focused around these activities. Sharing one another’s stories of trial and triumph are essential to walking together on this journey. In order to maintain a safe environment for this level of fellowship and spiritual intimacy, we must work as a community to keep one another accountable.  Please report any aggressive or inappropriate contact immediately via the “Support” tab at the left of any page or email to untci@outlook.com.


The activities of this community are mindfully operated in full compliance with the 2003 CAN SPAM ACT United States Public Law 108–187, Stat.117 Stat. 2699, 15 U.S.C. ch. 103. Violations are taken very seriously.

To be clear, this is what we consider SPAM within the UNTCI Community:

Creating a Post, Update, or Website that points users to any other website, except for specific areas visibly dedicated to such activity. (There is a Tucker Hall area to share free resources, and you can advertise your event any time via the EVENTS link provided in your Member Menu.

Sending the same information to many members individually, that could be distributed through a single post. i.e. – One post to a Group automatically goes to everyone in the group that has opted to receive group-related information via the Email Options link in said group. Sending individual messages to them in order to bypass their group preferences is a violation of their preferences and is forbidden.

Soliciting money from fellow members is a violation of this Terms of Service, and is therefore SPAM

Submitting a Support Request anywhere other than the Support Tab to the left of every page is a violation of this Terms of Service, and is therefore SPAM

Repetitious messages, emails or solicitations of any kind are a violation of this Terms of Service, and are therefore SPAM

UNTCI Ministry Association Network has active ministers and congregations on every continent on the planet. We happily promote member events at no charge. We also happily promote genuinely free resources at no charge.  If you have something else you’d like to make available to our membership, please contact us via the “Support” tab at the left of any page or email us directly at untci@outlook.com. We’ll be happy to consider it.

Getting SUPPORT If You Need Help:

The UNTCI Ministry Association Network has a lot to offer, and we want to help you get acquainted and involved as simply as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns as you assimilate into the community, we welcome you to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help. Just click the “Support” tab to the left of any page to get started.


A message sent to the UNTCI Support Ministries via the Support Tab to the left of any page, or sent to our email at untci@outlook.com (subj. support request), after having reviewed the Q & A tab in that window for readily provided answers to common questions.


A Private Message sent to any person on this website
A Private Message sent to any person on Facebook
A Direct Message or Mention sent to any person on Twitter
An Email sent in response to any newsletter or information received via email from the ministry (unless otherwise directed to do so by the sender at administration)
A Text or Voice message sent to any Board Member`s cell phone
A Post or Reply to any Tucker Hall Discussion Topic
A General Post to the Community Activity Wall

UNTCI’s Support Ministry Team cannot help you if they are not aware of your need for help.  The one and only place to let them know you need help is through the Support Tab to the left of any page or email to untci@outlook.com.



Some things to keep in mind as you go:

The Administrative Offices are CLOSED on all major United States and Christian Holidays, so if you submit a question during this time, please extend some grace in response time expectations.

We Want You To Succeed! Your active Membership with UNTCI and your successful completion of studies with TECU means you are more than ready to impact the world for Christ. This is our one and only goal. Whatever we can do to assist you in this journey, we are committed to 100%. There are a great many campuses moving to online-only support systems for documentation & tracking purposes – some of the largest in the country, in fact.

We have made the decision to make the very best use of the tools available to us in this same way. We simply ask that you utilize the many avenues provided for support, rather than seeking avenues for support that are not available. Working in unity, we can accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God.

If you would like to personally make a tax-dedictible contribution of $25,000 per year to support the living wage salary of a full-time support professional, dedicated to managing phone support and text support 5 days a week, please get in touch with the President, Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer via the Support Tab to the left of any page or email at untci@outlook.com to set up a meeting. We would welcome such a gift to the Body for UNTCI.

Until such a donation comes into our hands, we must rely on currently available volunteer resources and keep our phone support on an outgoing basis only.


UNTCI is a Ministry Association for ministers, run by ministers.  If you would like to learn more about the many internal ministries of UNTCI and how to get involved, we encourage you to go to our website page  http://untci.org/category/missions-and-ministry-opportunities/


We welcome Member suggestions and feedback.  Our desire is to serve our Membership in ways that glorify God, to the very best of our ability.  If you have any input that would potentially help us in this way, we welcome you to get in touch.  Click the “Support” tab to the left of any page to drop us a line.


**This Terms of Service is about Use and Expectations in the Online Community Only – If you are looking for the Ordination Guidelines, CLICK HERE **






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