Why is the divorce rate so high among Christians?

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  1. Avatar of Matti Guity Matti Guity says:

    This article is right on point! I see that so much where people enter into ministry groups & pour into those ‘brothers & sisters’ at church, but not at home. What a travisty! No matter what is going on, I know that my marriage is my assignment. It takes priority over church ministry. God gives us one person that we get to love ‘unconditionally’ and we miss that mark on a regular basis. Marriage is ‘body ministry’ on a more personal level. As soon as a couple gets married, satan pulls out all the stops and hordes of hell. Don’t abort your assignment, even if you are the one that might have more spiritual insight. To whom much is given, much is required. Fight the good fight of faith. It’s much bigger than you and satan knows that very well. Fight for your marriage against all the odds.

  2. Amen, Dr. Weyant! Poignant and powerful.. I LOATHE gossip..and gossipERs, especially in the Body of Christ. Going to a lay or professional Biblical Christian Counselor such as yourself, is an excellent choice when couples are unable to discuss private matters between themselves. Sometimes, they just need their old, deep wounds cleansed and bound-up first by the love of GOD, coming from someone who can make it understandable to them.
    When people are freed from false shame and guilt, they can also speak more freely because they find they can begin to trust again. GOD bless them all!

  3. I agree all the discussions should be discuss is between the two parties involved meaning the husband and wife. The outside world has no input in the marriage relationship. I agree the wounds that have been pierce deeply can only be cleansed by God. The more personal information shared outside can only hinder the restoration of the marriage. Some advice from those given is not from a Godly perspective but from knowledge they have obtained and gained through hearing from a world’s perspective unless they are spiritually saved.

    If they can understand the reasoning has to be acknowledge by the two involved in the relationship and guided by God to reach the right outcome.

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