Glory be to God… Hallelujah! For the Lamb who died Lives!

We pray this Easter will be especially worthy and memorable. Not for the hardship created by the restrictions that came from a pandemic and all that came in it’s path, but the faith that grew in the midst of everything that tried to keep it down, contained, or ineffective by isolation and separation.

In spite of the world, the Spirit of Easter grows, and all who believe cry out Alleluia! To God be the Glory!

Let the Alleluia rise up in us here, and from us, to every ear around us. That all may know, that we are His, and He is ours.

  • Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer, Prelate

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Dr. Fifer is the Prelate of The United New Testament Church and President of it's ministry association UNTCI. He also serves as Provost and Head Administrator for UNTCI's Seminary Trinity Evangelical Christian University. He is a Pastor of a small country church, author, and teacher. He holds degrees in Theology, Ethics, and Divinity Studies with emphasis in Hermeneutics.

2 thoughts on “Glory be to God… Hallelujah! For the Lamb who died Lives!

  1. Shalom Dr. Fifer,

    The comment that the Alleluia is to “rise up in us here and from us to every ear around us” is quite profound. This is the exact order that is necessary. We, ourselves, must be the first partakers. Then, and only then, as ambassadors for Christ, we can effectively represent the Risen and Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Cor 5:20).

    May Yahweh-Elohim continue to help his people to progress from faith to faith!!!

    In His love and Service,

    Angel C. Gayle
    Soli Deo gloria!
    Rom. 16:27

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