The Demonic Hacker & YOUR Life

He comes in the night.
He watches and studies to see where the vulnerability is.
Studying…. spying and seeking.

Some of you have been going through a full on WAR this week and the demonic hacker has been working overtime to see if he can penetrate your wall.

He’s checking for any vulnerabilities that haven’t been brought under the security wall of forgiveness.

He wants to know if you’ve written the code of ‘release, forgive, move on’ into your mainframe.

Is your heart clean?
Or are you still bitter.
He’s poking…. he’s penetrating, pressuring and pushing.
Some of you broke this week. You full on caved.
Some of you cracked and were shocked at the enormity of the pressure.
Some of you, fell down and gave up.
You felt the pressure, the pushing, the attempt to penetrate and reopen wounds of old. But you applied the blood of Jesus and you forgave again. You renewed your commitment to not be bitter, you refocused your mind on the goal.
You see… the counsel  of heaven is having session and their planning the biggest breakthrough of your life.

The enemy has no clue what they’re doing as he has no access to that room. But he can see the angels being released, the warriors being sent out, the special operation forces from heaven being sent in to uphold you and support you.

So he goes to work.

Penetrating, poking and pressuring.

It’s the demonic hacker and he’s after your life!

Don’t let him win.

YOU are worth more. YOU are more. Jesus loves you truly, forever and ever. He paid the price the enemy is seeking to make YOU pay. He took the cost and He paid the ransom. He did EVERYTHING for all that was set against you.

Go. Apply the blood. Forgive. Release and move on.

Then the code will be written even stronger. The security wall has withstood this breech of access. Your mind is intact, your thoughts are hid in Him. Your hope is secure and your mission is moving forward.

YOU my friends, are stronger than you think. The enemy knows it. It’s time you did as well!

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