UNTCI & TECU Offices Closed For “Thanksgiving” Holiday Activities

The Promise Campus Offices will be closed Tues, Nov 21 to Mon, Nov 27…

UNTCI and TECU Faculty and Staff will be participating in many of the local area Thanksgiving Day events and programs to help the community and “give back” unto Him who has blessed us so.

For those in the area of Huntsville, Alabama over the Thanksgiving Day Holiday weekend, you are invited to “catch up” with us at the Down Town Rescue Mission  <click on the link for more information and calendar of events

The Down Town Rescue Mission is the ministry that the local UNTCI (Huntsville) ministries have chosen to support for this Holiday Season in addition to our own churches and ministries. “It is good to “reach out”, especially if you are in the ministry of “outreach”.” says UNTCI Prelate Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer, “We need to be caught doing the things we profess.”

So, this year you will find us there, helping where we can and doing even more than what is required. We pray that you are doing the same in your communities around the world, wherever you may be because there is always a need and therefore an opportunity. The opportunity is to give and give thanks, so that others may receive and give thanks to the Lord Our God who provides in every instance.

The Offices of UNTCI & TECU will be closed Tuesday, November 21, 2017 until Monday, November 27, 2017 when they will re-open at the normally scheduled times.


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