An Overview of TECU

Equipping the “Called Of Christ” since 1999
The private seminary of The United New Testament Church and Affiliates

Welcome to Trinity Evangelical Christian University & Seminary

TECU Oxford Method Degree Track Study Programs

…earn your degree

  • Exciting Curriculum developed to be Holy Spirit led, fed, and inspired!
  • World Class Education Opportunities at “Ministry” prices!
    1. We aren’t “keeping up” with the big names, we’re leading the way back to the way it’s supposed to be in the ministry.
    2. As a ministry in support of ministries and ministers, we are organized as such. Not to profit, but to bless and be blessed.
    3. Our tuition fees are established to uphold our ministry pledge and serve the Called as God has Called us to.
  • Current Tuition Costs
    • Oxford Method Degree Program Study Track $580
    • Clergy Life Experience Portfolio Program (CLEPP) $480
    • Professional Ministry Certification Courses (PMC) $380
      • All study programs require additionally the purchase of assigned texts through any open source available to the student, new or used.
  • Study Degree Track and Certification Course Programs that are truly on your time and at the pace the Holy Spirit calls you to.
  • And even as they are called “self study” you are never left on your own.
    • An Academic / Studies Adviser assigned to each student who is familiar with all the texts, the work required, and an expert within the field of study. 
  • As a private seminary set apart and determined to remain that way. We have established our own curriculum within our own schools of study. Designed by our experts of Academia, the Church, and The Mission Fields, our studies use both modern, contemporary texts written by some of our most brilliant and Godly contemporaries of today, and classics from the Masters of old and ancient that lay the solid foundations to build upon.
  • From Scholar to Bachelor, Bachelor to Master, Master to Doctor, Doctor to Savant; through good academics, scholarly application, experiential growth, Godly relationships that support, refine, and value real Heavenly Wisdom and Revelation, we at TECU stand ready to help equip you in your journey and your call.

Interested? Go to TECU’s Oxford Method Degree Study Programs for detailed information and enrollment options.

Welcome to Trinity Evangelical Christian University & Seminary

TECU Clergy Life Experience Portfolio Program

Experience is knowledge too! Why not earn credit for it? At TECU you do! Our Clergy Life Experience Portfolio Program is perfect for the “seasoned” by-vocational Minister that may be be too busy with a job and a church or ministry to even consider time away at the Seminary.

Get recognized for what you know and are doing right now. To qualify for TECU’s CLEPP Degree, you must have at least 5 years experience leading a church or specialized ministry with at least 15 years total work history (experience) supporting the 5 years in ministry (prior to, or coinciding). College, Military, and Continuing Education gives you credit too. It all adds up to experience based knowledge applied to your life and vocation.

TECU Offers the following degrees through CLEPP:

  • Bachelor of Theology & Ethics
  • Master of Divinity (bachelor degree or 120 credit prerequisite)
  • Bachelor of Missionary Studies
  • Bachelor of Ministry Administration

…you earned it, get the credit! 

Interested? Go to TECU’s CLEPP Degree Program page for detailed information and enrollment option.