Grace & Truth Orphan Home & Ministries, Hyderabad India

Grace & Truth Orphan Home (GTOH)

QTR NO 807 L.I.G. BHEL Bharti Nagar Colony R.C. Puram Hyderabad, Telangana, India 502 032

Principal – Nageswara (Joseph) Bussa (Pastor)

Grace & Truth Orphan Home (GTOH) & Christian Ministries has been affiliated with UNTCI for quite sometime now. First, as a safe place for Christian Children in the midst of a Hindu stronghold, and now additionally as a growing Christian Ministry gaining ground.

We started supporting this ministry through a request to provide shoes for the children. We immediately went to work collecting new and used shoes to send. With a medium size box of shoes ready to go to the children, we found the cost of shipping could buy new shoes for each child if one was a sharp “shopper”. The next request again was for shoes, however, sandals seem far more practical for sizing and the habits of wear, so sandals were collected both used and quite a bit new from WalMart® as the result of clearance sales. The shipping cost was three times the cost of the shoes.

Since, we have sent funds to help with Christmas and Easter for the children for several years now. The Bussa Family can do far more for the kids with money sent for their needs instead of the funding and time wasted on shipping.

We love to hear of the children’s gratefulness for even the necessities that we provide for, but a special feeling comes from their “thank you” for the sweets and toys we sometimes provide for too. 

The ministry is committed to the following:

  • Provide A Christian Family Environment for every orphaned child.
  • Provide a Safe Place to Worship as Christian
  • Provide a safe environment to learn of Christ, His Promises, and the Biblical application of life.
  • Provide for every opportunity for growth of the children into healthy, happy, productive, Christian adults.

UNTCI is committed to helping GTOH help the children!

Admittedly, our support of this worthwhile Christian Ministry has been small and sometimes irregular, but we remain committed to them in prayer, talent, and treasure as much as we can by the grace of God and the good works of the Fellowship. As a result of regular giving increases this past year, UNTCI has been able to commit to a monthly gift for support of $50. This began December 2017 and is planned to continue until God brings forth an increase that will allow us even more.

Special gifts are welcome through the Giving Center – Missions Support, these gifts will be made directly to Victory Healing Ministries in addition to our regular gift. Simply indicate to us at Home Office by email to what your intentions are. Be sure to include your transaction ID number and the amount of the special gift/offering.

Note: Regular Automated Monthly Giving helps us plan, budget, and commit more to these missions, ministries, and more like them.

Some of the activity of this Ministry:

Praying with the kids.