“At The Well” Clean Water Project

Shalem Gospel Ministries’

“At The Well”

Clean Water Project

Shalem Gospel Ministries, under the direction of Rev. Shalem Raju Manchikala is working to bring fresh clean water to villages in the rural, outlying areas of India where their mission work is centered.

The ministry identifies a good location accessible to all with the help of the villagers themselves, clears the area, then contracts and supervises the placement of a bore well and sanitary water pump. The total cost of each standard well placed is $650.00  and each deep well placed is $1000.00

Right now there are a number of villages in extreme need of fresh, clean water that have no water now and require deep wells. There are more villages that are in urgent need with insufficient safe water, some also requiring deep wells, and several more that are in need of additional wells to meet the needs and ensure the supply of water remains safe and secure.

This is the type of well they are providing

… a good place also to meet, greet, and speak of Jesus too:

Here are some of the wells they have already provided:

Will you help us help them!? 

Simply come to UNTCI’s “giving center” and give a gift of any amount through the “One Time Gift” portal, then forward your emailed receipt to untci.tecu@gmail.com with “at the well” in the subject line.

Every bit of what you give goes directly to bringing them water

“At The Well”

If you or your ministry would like to donate an entire well to a village you can have your name placed on the well for all to see, or even dedicate the well in honor of or in remembrance of someone.

with a donation of $650.00 for a standard or $1000.00 for a deep well by the simple process above… and including the dedication information in the email sent, Shalem Gospel Ministries will display a vinyl sign with your name and dedication on it for the opening prayer and dedication ceremony, place a plaque at the site, and provide pictures for you and your ministry to share.

Thank you and God’s Blessings to all of you at:

Section Line Community Church, Elkton Road Baptist Church, Full Gospel Community Church, United New Testament Church, and all of our individual friends

for these wonderful life giving gifts…