Sewing into their future in Sierra Leone

Christ Children’s Care in Sierra Leone, West Africa, is seeking to expand it’s offerings of training, education and support of the poverty stricken Christians there, by adding vocational schooling.

Moses Dumbs, President and Founder of the ministry, first sought to care for the poor Christian Children lacking everything within their society because of their Faith and the Faith of their Families. The ministry grew quickly into providing holistic care for the families that now includes room and board, education, medication, and more as it becomes possible.

It is recognized there within this ministry that it is not enough to simply “feed the hungry”. We must “love” wholly which includes the sharing of life and every means of grace. With that, education has become a focal point in the effort to lifting each that is willing out of poverty. With this understanding, Moses has initiated several programs that we pray will take off by the grace of God and are available for everyone to participate in such as the Teacher’s Scholarship Program that sought to fund the required certification courses for the ministry teachers that is a great success resulting in their full funding for the next three years.

This new effort is VOCATIONAL TRAINING for the single mothers, widows, and young women…

The appeal to the faithful is for funds enough to purchase at least four (4) “Treadle” type manual sewing machines that would require no electric power to operate.

With these sewing machines, Moses plans to organize vocational training and then material support for the local Christian women as menders, seamstresses, and clothiers that they might be able to provide for their families needs and earn enough to support them as well.

manual sewing machine
Detail of Sewing Machine
Top of manual sewing machine

These machines are available for purchase new locally in Sierra Leone for $200 USD each. They come just as pictured above, ready to use. Will you please give the gift of a vocation? Your simple gift of a sewing machine can keep giving the blessing of self reliance, vocation, and support for a lifetime.

You may also contact Director Moses Dumbs (Christ Children’s Care) directly by going to their Facebook Page or calling them @ +23288827743