Trinity Preparatory Academy (Bondo) Kenya

The Christian Alternative School for Children in need…

“Lifting the next generation from poverty through Christ and Education”

The children of Bondo, Kenya attending Bible School w/ Guildford Park Community Church

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

– Ephesians 6:4 (ESV)

The issue here in Bondo, Kenya and many other villages and small communities throughout central and western Kenya is this:

  • Islam is the influencing power gaining strength in these areas.
  • Muslims therefore are more the majority of the employed and therefore, being lifted out of poverty to “upper” lower income brackets.
  • Christians are finding themselves outside the reach of much of the government support which actually costs money to participate in.
  • Christian Families cannot therefore afford the tuition to send their children to school on a regular basis.
  • A large number of Christian families have been reduced to sending their children to school once in a while after they have saved up for a period.
  • The children therefore, cannot pass the battery of tests the government requires to advance or receive their diploma.
  • The result is a building population of under-educated poverty class of Christian Kenyans.

The Solution is simple and we have been working on it for years now, getting ready to bring it to reality – create an alternative school that breaks this cycle:

  • Kenya allows alternative schools to be registered and operated provided they meet or exceed the standards established and produce children able to pass the standardized testing provided by the government.
  • UNTCI Fellowship Kenya and Guildford Park Evangelical Christian Church (UNTCI Affiliate) along with TECU Distance Seminary (Kenya) are eager to support the operation of a school organized as a “Christian School” and operated as a “Co-Op Church School” with Rev. Fred Akello serving as Director.
  • The name of this school being organized under the directorship of Rev. Akello will be “Trinity Preparatory Academy (Bondo)” and will be affiliated with our Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Christian University & Seminary, as was the previous Trinity Prep organized in Toney, Al. for administrative support and covering.
  • Women of the churches involved have already volunteered to teach and a list has been developed with enough teachers willing to staff a full-time school effort that would include not only the secular subjects required, but subjects of Faith and Christology.
  • A location for the physical church has been donated and agreed upon. It will be on the campus / compound of Guildford Park Evangelical Christian Church, a long-time Affiliate Ministry of UNTCI and active partner with UNTCI to this region.

Let’s Build Them A School!

The site for the school has been donated by Guildford Park Community Church, Bondo… a UNTCI Ministry and Local Project Partner.

So we got to work!

Now the School stands!

The “next” is permanency, staffing, and maintenance…

  • The School Board is established with 2 meetings already under their belt.
  • The Water Storage Tank has been placed, plumbed, and has passed inspection.
  • The latrine facility has been moved, enlarged, and passed inspection.
  • The electronics to be used for classroom instruction and student’s resources has been put in place by UNTCI and TECU including internet connectivity.

necessary now to move to completion…

  • Funding for furniture. Tables, benches, shelving, and a teacher’s work station for each classroom.
  • Funding for Kitchen Equipment. Propane burners, large pots, pans, etc. w/ cooking utensils & children’s service for 75
  • Funding for operations. Staff Monthly Stipends, electric, gas, internet services, supplies, and general maintenance/repair

The Ministries of The United New Testament have brought them this far. We now seek help in the rest of this ministry opportunity…

Will you come along side us now and support them for the long term? For the future of the Christian Children of Bondo, Kenya?

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…”

– John 14:12 (NIV)

The opportunity is ours to bless these children, now, tomorrow, and for their lifetime!

Just some of the children

Be a part of something hugeTrinity Preparatory Academy

The United New Testament Church, Int. along with it’s affiliated ministries and associations are 501(c)(3) compliant as a registered LLC in Alabama (USA).

To give a one time gift, (the means of Grace) to the Trinity Preparatory Project Bondo Kenya, simply push the button below…

To give on a regular (monthly) basis to help with the long-term costs of keeping the school open and in excellence, come to our “giving center” and select the “regular giving” option there, just push the button below…

For more information:

Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer, Prelate

The United New Testament Church, International

24290 AL HWY 99 Elkmont, Alabama 35620 (256) 262-3052 / / FB@UNTCI

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