Christ Children’s Care in Sierra Leone

Holding out hands with hope

Christ Children’s Care in Sierra Leone, West Africa

Moses Dumbs, President / Founder


Christ Children’s Care in Sierra Leone is a Christian ministry providing religious support, education, food, and more to the impoverished Christian children and their families who are so vulnerable in this area.

The Founder, Moses Dumbs has asked for our support in Prayer, Fellowship, and Funds…

“Defend the weak and fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.”

Psalm 82:3

Their continued needs are thus:

  • Food (funding for the purchase)
  • School / Educational Supplies (funding for the purchase)

The UNTCI Fellowship of ministries worldwide is committed to assist this ministry in it’s daily needs by the “means of grace” that God provides us. We commit ourselves to Prayer for the Children, for the Ministry, and for God’s Providence that will sustain them in their needs.

You can provide directly for this ministry by giving a portion of the means of grace you have been granted…

Go to UNTCI’s “Giving Center” @ and enter into a monthly giving arrangement, or simply enter in a one time gift amount. The system will generate a receipt for you. We ask you then to email us at with the amount you are giving, the transaction number, and the name of this ministry. This will allow us to ensure all that you intend is getting where you intend it.

to make it even simpler & convenient for one time givers…

For more information and messaging direct, find them on facebook @

This ministry is a registered AFFILIATE MINISTRY of THE UNITED NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH, Int. and therefore qualifies under U.S. IRS Code 501(C)(3) when considering donations and support.

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