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“We are blessed that we may bless. And, in the blessing, we are blessed. A perfect plan requiring only God, Action, and You.”

Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer

Basic Membership Requirements


Accountable each member is required to maintain current and up-to-date records with “Home Office” that include contact information, current ministry activity, and education. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure accurate changes are made in a timely manner, with an annual records “audit” completed on or before your anniversary date whether changes were made or not. 


Active each member is required to actively support the Fellowship, both corporately and on a personal level. This is accomplished through communicating – thought, studied opinion, encouragement, ideas, activities, and prayers. We do this through our Social Media Sites maintained on UNTCI’s (our church and Fellowship) main page & TECU’s (our seminary) main page ; Praying – through our Network of  Prayer Warriors closed / private group  we pray for one another and ask for prayer so that the entire community is lifted, and supported Commenting – on the various “news”  and “informational” posts that are made to the Fellowship via our website; Participating – by viewing, commenting, even sharing our Live Streaming events; Fellowship – either by internet or in person, if you find yourself in the area of one of your fellow Ekklesia stop in, take an interest, come together under God for the good of His Fellowship and Church.


Benevolent generosity and mercy are the outward signs of the true and faithful love of a Christian. This ministry is completely dependent upon the Grace, Love, and Providence of our God, and therefore by extension, you, the member. We rely wholly on Him, and the Love of His Faithful here in this ministry in order to provide what we are called to provide for His that are called into mission and ministry in the places they are – outside the influence of the mainline church, independent and “free indeed”. Our calling is to “equip the called” and cover them by the church in order they may work in the world.  

  • Ordained members of this ministry, in order to maintain their “Rostered” and “In Good Standing” credentials must be benevolent on a regular basis.
  • Regular or “lay” membership, which allows access to the community, support, and educational programs, requires benevolence at least annually.

Remember, we are “Free Indeed” so that we can do more… this is your ministry let’s thrive not just survive!

Relationship in Christ

Before you apply, take some time to review the Member Covenant & Our Statement of Faith (below).

Signature to both is required of every member of this Fellowship & Church.

UNTCI Statement of Faith (Rev2017)
A Master copy for signature will be sent to the applicant as part of a packet for agreement and signature
UNTCI Code of Ethics (rev2018)
printable copy for your consideration and file
A Master copy for signature will be sent to the applicant as part of a packet for agreement and signature


If this sounds like you, if we sound like what you’ve been looking for – Please complete the Membership Application below. A member of the Association’s Leadership will be in touch with you shortly to review the information with you and answer any questions you may have about the application process and going forward.


    I have reviewed The United New Testament's Statement of Faith

    After review, consideration, and prayer, I agree with UNTCI's Statement of Faith, will work within the parameters of the statement, and will support it.

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