UNTCI Fellowship Ministries, Bondotowne Kenya

UNTCI Fellowship Ministries (Kenya) PO Box 328 Bondo, Kisumu, Nyanza Kenya 40601

Principal – Rev. Frederick Akello, UNTCI Missions Representative to Kenya & TECU (Kenya) Director

UNTCI Fellowship Ministries (Kenya) is a UNTCI affiliate mission located in the Western Region of Kenya, centered in a small city called “Bondotowne”

This mission ministry is organized as a direct result of a TECU Education program offered to the local Pastors in that area. The study program developed for them was called TECU Distance Learning Seminary in which the faculty of TECU committed to live streaming teaching an accelerated Bachelor of Theology degree program to a group of 12 that were already pastoring local churches. This effort resulted in all 12 earning Bachelor Degrees and being Ordained as Ministers of UNTCI.

The group has committed to remaining together for more effective missions work and keeping the churches together as one in the Body of Christ. They share the computer and printer that was provided for by TECU in order that they may stay in contact with “Home Office” and have access to resources available through the internet.

This ministry is committed to the following:

  • Continued evangelistic efforts in the area shared by the churches.
  • Feeding and provision for the multitude of poor in the area.
  • Quality alternative education for all children in the area.
  • Safe places and activities for the children of the area.
  • Continued education for the Pastors and Laity of the churches in the area.

UNTCI is committed to helping UNTCI Fellowship Ministries (Kenya) help those around them!

Admittedly, our support of this new Christian Ministry has been small and sometimes irregular, but we remain committed to them in prayer, talent, and treasure as much as we can by the grace of God and the good works of the Fellowship. As a result of regular giving increases this past year, UNTCI has been able to commit to a monthly gift for support of $50. This began December 2017 and is planned to continue until God brings forth an increase that will allow us even more.

Special gifts are welcome through the Giving Center  Missions Support  these gifts will be made directly to their Ministries in addition to our regular gift. Simply indicate to us at Home Office through an email to untci.tecu@gmail.comwhat your intentions are. Be sure to include your transaction ID number and the amount of the special gift/offering.

Note: Regular Automated Monthly Giving helps us plan, budget, and commit more to these missions, ministries, and more like them.

Some of the activity of this Ministry: