Victory Healing Ministries, Monrovia Liberia

Victory Healing Ministries, PO Box 1188 Monrovia, Liberia

Principal – Hamilton Bleh (Overseer)


Victory Healing Ministries in Liberia has been a UNTCI affiliated mission the longest…

We first heard from them during the last Ebola “outbreak” in that region that claimed the lives of over a quarter of their population. UNTCI sent emergency funds to Liberia through the efforts of this ministry that quickly purchased and dispersed food, medical, and other essential supplies out to the rural countryside through their established village community church/school/life missions. The Overseer then, Hamilton Bleh, remains the Overseer today and is in constant contact with us here at “Home Office”. We have established a solid working relationship through constant dialogue and accountability both ways. 

Some of Victory Healing Ministries Regular Mission Efforts:

  • Providing Ministers to each of the rural missions to establish Christian Centers for worship and lifestyle.
  • Providing Teachers to each of the rural missions to provide a local place for education of the children.
  • Provide food through the rural missions as both a feeding center and distribution point for the needy.
  • Provide mobile medical treatment to the villages through a monthly visit to each mission
  • Provide training for volunteers and staff for Ministry, Teaching, and Feeding.
  • Victory Healing Ministries also maintains a presence within the city of Monrovia vital to receiving essential services and maintaining access to the rest of the world.
    • In Monrovia, they maintain a Christian School as an alternative to the State School.
    • Maintain a Christian Worship & Life Center from which they minister to the poor.

UNTCI is committed to helping Victory Healing Ministries help those around them!

Admittedly, our support of this worthwhile Christian Ministry has been small and sometimes irregular, but we remain committed to them in prayer, talent, and treasure as much as we can by the grace of God and the good works of the Fellowship. As a result of regular giving increases this past year, UNTCI has been able to commit to a monthly gift for support of $100. This began December 2017 and is planned to continue until God brings forth an increase that will allow us even more.

Special gifts are welcome through the “Giving Center” – Missions Support, these gifts will be made directly to Victory Healing Ministries in addition to our regular gift. Simply indicate to us at “Home Office” through an email to what your intentions are. Be sure to include your transaction ID number and the amount of the special gift/offering.

Note: Regular Automated Monthly Giving helps us plan, budget, and commit more to these missions, ministries, and more like them.

Some of the activity of this Ministry:

Victory Healing Ministries suffered a “set back” by way of a storm last year that damaged their facility…

Pictured below are from the last update received from them on the progress we have been helping them with. The blue color of the buildings is from applying “Zinc” similar to coating a boat bottom. This helps waterproof the patching and construction material not only from the rain, but the constant humidity as well.

As you can see, there are still holes in the roof that need repair, the material for that is being provided for this month. Things are starting to take a normal shape, and soon the children will be back in their places within these meager walls.

Our plan for them this year is to supply them with enough laptop computers and a stable internet connection to allow them to take advantage of online learning academies such as Khan Academy and Light Academy.

Please pray for Pastor Hamilton Bleh, his Wife, and their Ministry Volunteers as they continue to minister to the needs of the children and their families.


Up and Running Again!