Life Giving Ministries, Faisalabad Pakistan

Life Giving Ministries, Pakistan

PO Box 1036 Peoples Colony No.2 Faisalabad, Pakistan

Principal – Rev. Babar Kamran, Evangelist & UNTCI Missions Representative to Pakistan 

Life Giving Ministries, Pakistan’s founder Rev. Babar Kamran has been a long-time Member and Fellow of UNTCI and is familiar to most who have been “around” the ministry for a while.

Brother Babar’s ministry of Evangelism, Teaching, and Preaching from village to village to his region of Pakistan most often takes him to and through areas that are openly hostile to Christ and Christianity. He is directed by the Holy Spirit to particular villages that are ripe and ready to hear the word and proceeds there on his moped, obedient and armed with the Gospel. This ministry is responsible for the formation of many churches and prayer groups throughout the region, many in places that have never seen a Christian Church prior in it’s history of over thousands of years.

The Promise Church, Pakistan

The first of these churches was named “The Promise Church” in honor of UNTCI’s home campus and ecclesia center “The Promise Campus” to which Rev. Babar Kamran has since been called to Pastor. He, the church, and the ministry are certainly worthy of much support in their efforts for the Lord and His Gospel.

UNTCI is committed to helping Life Giving Ministries help those around them be free!

Admittedly, our support of this worthwhile Christian Ministry has been small and sometimes irregular, but we remain committed to them in prayer, talent, and treasure as much as we can by the grace of God and the good works of this Fellowship. As a result of regular giving increases this past year, UNTCI has been able to commit to a monthly gift for support of $50. This began December 2017 and is planned to continue until God brings forth an increase that will allow us even more.

Special gifts are welcome through the Giving Center – Missions Support, these gifts will be made directly to Life Giving Ministries in addition to our regular gift. Simply indicate to us at Home Office by email to what your intentions are. Be sure to include your transaction ID number and the amount of the special gift/offering.

Note: Regular Automated Monthly Giving helps us plan, budget, and commit more to these missions, ministries, and more like them.

Some of the activity of this Ministry:

Fun during Christmas 2017
The ministers involved!