Supported Missions

This is where the Fellowship of The United New Testament Church, Int. LLC does more than simply “keep the lights on” at “Home Office”!

This is where we (ecclesiae) stand up without fear, obedient to the Lord, and “go” into the world providing for the “least, the last, the lost” and “make straight the way” for the King, His Gospel, and those called in these places to push His ministries forward.

  • These ministries and missions listed here are “affiliated” with The United New Testament Church, Int. and have been working with us long enough to have establish a real relationship. They have demonstrated by deeds that they are similar in heart, trustworthy, and working for a long-term place for the Gospel of Christ right where they are.
  • We have established direct ties with these ministries for funding, material, and administration support and are in constant contact with the principals of each ministry. Each of these are receiving either a small, but regular gift from the Fellowship to help support them in their efforts, or access to our Seminary TECU with reduced tuition, or some other “help” from us on a regular basis.
  • We have more missions and ministries (both member and non-member, foreign and domestic) that find themselves in need from time to time. We address each of these requests as they come and as we have the means based on the Fellowship’s total giving at the time. *members of the fellowship are first considered.

The information found in these pages about these ministries that we are supporting is provided so that you can get to know them, support them in prayer, regular conversation, and funding so that we can share in their growth and witness the Glory of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the movement of the Holy Spirit in these places and be blessed in the knowledge that we too are participating!

Funding of all our ministries and missions should be done through the “Giving Center”

UNTCI is a registered 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit LLC, FEI/EIN R009876076

All gifts, tithes, and offerings are tax deductible

If you know of a ministry or mission that you are supporting and would like us to know about them and support them with you, please email us their detailed information to