Office Directory

UNTCI Headquarters – “Home Office”

The Worldwide Headquarters Office of the UNTCI Ministry Association works in support of the global membership of the UNTCI Ministry Association.

24290 Alabama Hwy 99 Elkmont, Alabama 35620 (USA) +1(256) 262-3052 / /

Our Normal Business Hours are: Tue, Wed, & Thu, 10am to 4pm (U.S. Central Time)

Specifically handled by this office:

  • Maintenance of Records and Archives of all Clergy, Ministries and Laypersons associated with the UNTCI Ministry Association
  • Processing and Delivery of New and Renewed Memberships of UNTCI Ministry Association Worldwide
  • Ordaining Church and Spiritual Covering for all United New Testament Church Clergy
  • Office of the Church Prelate
  • Office of The President, Vice President, and Principals of The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association, LLC.

UNTCI Educational Offices

The Educational Offices of the UNTCI Ministry Association, Inc. work in support of our educational ministries, including ~Trinity Preparatory Academy k-12 church school and ~Trinity Evangelical Christian University & Seminary, the official (private) distance learning Seminary of the UNTCI Church & Ministry Association.

Specifically handled by this office:

  • K-12 Enrollments
  • Elementary, Middle & High School Graduation Candidacy Submissions
  • University Enrollments
  • University Graduation Candidacy Submissions
  • Transfers
  • Credits

UNTCI Office of Administrative & Volunteer Services

UNTCI Ministry Association, LLC Office of Administrative Services works in support of our President, Prelate, and Board of Directors in managing the offerings and services available to our Members.

Specifically handled by this office:

  • Research & Development of Membership Programs and Benefits
  • Administrative Support
  • Technical Research & Development
  • Clerical Support

The Current Members of UNTCI Board of Directors: 

  • Chair: vacant – seeking candidate
  • at large: vacant -seeking candidate
  • Prelate & President: Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer
  • Treasurer & Secretary: Mrs. Lynette R. Fifer

This office offers support directly to the Board of Directors.
If you need assistance, please contact the office at 256-262-3052 so the request is routed to the proper member.