TECU’s Current PMC List

[click the button above to see] Recently updated curriculum includes authoritative studies on the role of women in church throughout history as well as the roles women should be taking to new heights in the contemporary church of today as we seek to (re)identify ourselves, ministries, and missions for the future.

This PMC prepares a woman to take on these roles within the church, ministry, or mission wherever she may be led and to lead others into the same.

[Click the button above to see] Recently updated curriculum that includes authoritative studies and writing, not just on the role of Chaplain, but what goes into being the best version of Chaplain in any setting and the development of the discipline required to step into the calling and maintain the highest degree of Spiritual Professionalism to succeed.

This PMC prepares the minister to take on the role of corporate, hospital, hospice, or other hierarchical group / organization’s Chaplain function fully prepared to jump in and make a difference. Not just minimally qualified, but fully capable.

Just $380 plus the books!