5 Prisons with Locks on the Inside

There are 5 prisons with locks on the inside only…
When you walk into these prisons, you can live there a long time thinking it’s normal.

1. The prison of comparison. It forces us to make a decision about whether we measure up. We render a judgment about whether we measure up – perhaps a curse. Nothing burns up the life around us like a critical spirit. When we critically compare ourselves, we’re the one who gets burned.

2. The prison of regret. It’s associated with a fear of failure. It keeps us from doing our best, giving our all. I’m going to do what I’m comfortable with. We can’t forgive ourselves and so we sabotage our own worth. We close off our life. A beautiful girl made the mistake of marrying a guy who cheated on her. She had the marriage annulled and vowed to live a celibate lifestyle.

3. The prison of bitterness. Bile is the stuff in vomit that stains. When you vomit your bitterness on someone, it stains their spirit. It leads to defilement. Heb. 12:15 “See to it that no root of bitterness springs up whereby many are defiled.”

4. The prison of unforgiveness. Paschall heard a man’s story in Bosnia, “I grew up in a village. When the war came, my best friend was called away to the other side. One night my best friend came with some other soldiers and made me watch as they raped my wife and three daughters and then shot my son. How can I forgive him?”

Unforgiveness is a terrible place to live. That thing that hurt you may be unforgivable, but you’re never going to get complete justice on this earth.

5. The prison of withdrawal. “I’ve been hurt, so I’m going to withdraw from relationships. It’s too difficult to stay engaged with people who make me feel bad, so I’m going to live without them. People in this prison live in a passive-aggressive sulking state. They expect others to make the first move to repair their relationship.

There’s a difference between these prisons and the jails that society places its criminal in…

These prisons have their locks on the inside.

The key is in the lock and Jesus wants to help you turn it… But it’s up to you to turn the key and let yourself out.

Freedom is worth it.

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