Compliance Grace Period Ends This Saturday, September 20, 2014

Compliance Grace Period Ends September 20, 2014

Click the Play button below to hear A Personal Message from Ministry Association President Dr. Weyant about UNTCI’s Updated Ordination Guidelines:

Legal ordination of every believer is a free benefit to each and every active member in Full Fellowship with The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association, Inc. We unreservedly honor and uphold the priesthood of all believers.

As an ordained minister, please understand that there are certain expectations in this deeper relationship intended to develop a well-rounded, fruitful Ministry Association in relationship with Christ and one another:



First and foremost, make sure you are signed up to receive email alerts from the Ministry Association.  This is the only way we dispatch information to our members, and it’s your responsibility to ensure you are signed up and that our messages aren’t going to your spam folder.

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[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]1. RELATIONSHIP: A personal, active, ongoing, conversational two-way relationship with God through Christ Jesus – To be direct, without this as our “every day normal”, we make a mockery of  the Lord Jesus Christ by claiming to be His minister in the earth. UNTCI isn’t interested in MINOs (Ministers In Name Only). If this requirement is offensive to you, you may not be in the right place. [/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]2. MEMBERSHIP: Maintain active Full Fellowship with UNTCI Ministry Association – One cannot legitimately ordain / appoint an individual to a position within an organization without them actually being a *member* of that organization. Please be sure to review the full information on that page, which includes waivers for disabled and financially challenged individuals. 

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[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]3. ACCOUNTABILITY: If you intend to minister near children in any context, you are REQUIRED without exception to pass a Personal Background Check. This additional assurance is optionally available to every UNTCI Minister, but is a strict requirement of those ministering near children in any context. We fully expect the general public to inquire as to whether or not you are safe to be around their children. We will answer honestly. If your Ministry does NOT Bring you in contact with families or children in any way, you can request a waiver via this form.

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[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]4. ACCOUNTABILITY: Strict personal adherance to the Member Covenant & Code of Ethics – It’s incredibly important that you realize with freedom comes responsibility. Let us endeavor to be a personal light in the darkness – bastions of hope and unconditional love on behalf of our Savior. 

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[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]5. COMMUNION: Regular participation in your Regional Group – It’s important to develop & maintain fellowship relationships with those UNTCI Ministers in your area for edification, support & encouragement. We ask that you check in at least once a month.

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[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]6. COMMUNION: Regular participation in Tucker Fellowship Hall  – It’s important to develop & maintain fellowship relationships with the worldwide family of UNTCI Ministers for edification, support & encouragement. We ask that you check in at least once a month.

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[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]7. STEWARDSHIP: You Understand that Ensuring the Long-Term Stability and Outreach of Your Ministry Association through Regular Monthly Giving is a Benefit to You, Personally. We’re not going to over-spiritualize this aspect of our Ministry Association. There are two different takes on “tithes and offerings” from a New Testament perspective – pro and con ~ each with merit. We are not arguing for either. We are simply asking you to understand that money keeps the lights on, and keeps your Ministry Association strong and secure into the future. We ask our members to be a part of that, even if it’s a commitment of $1 per month. It all helps. We are a 100% Volunteer-Run Organization, and no person on our Board benefits one iota from your money… other than our shared Association-wide security and covering to continue to serve the Lord in freedom from top-down business model churchianity. If you are unable to afford a supporting contribution of the bare minimum of $1 per month, waivers are available.

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[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]STEWARDSHIP: Annual completion of Ministry Association provided CEU of your choosing (available beginning late Fall 2014)[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]EDIFICATION: While not required, attending a Bi-Annual Laying on of Hands Ceremony at UNTCI Headquarters in Huntsville, AL is an amazing experience and will provide you with a face-to-face opportunity to build life-long ministry friendships[/li]

We have created a printable Ordination Monthly Checklist here for your convenience: 

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[ebs_separator style=”separator-double-thick-thin”]Frequently Asked Questions: UNTCI Ministry Association Ordination Guildeines[/ebs_separator]


Click on any topic below to reveal the F.A.Q. discussion for that topic:

[ebs_toggle title=”Why did the Board Decide to Update the Ordination Guidelines?” icon=”glyphicon-leaf” icontype=”glyphicon” iconcolor=”#6dd622″]The two main reasons are Accountability and Fellowship.

As a Member of the Ministry Association seeking Ordination, you are essentially asking us to “vouch” for you and present you to the world as a credible minister of the Gospel of Christ. Make no mistake – we firmly believe in and uphold the Biblical belief that ALL believers are ministers of the Gospel of Christ. However, we live in an age when many are deceivers and present themselves either half-heartedly or altogether falsely, making a mockery of our Lord. We don’t want to inanvertently be a part of that by making Ordination through this Association available to everyone sight-unseen… and we don’t feel any of you would truly want that, either.

We were therefore faced with the necessity to establish revised guidelines for ordination that verified identity & background, confirmed legitimate communion & support of the ministry (a growing requirement in many states, and nearly all countries outside of the U.S.A.) while at the same time, keeping the same freedom and autonomy we know the Lord Jesus Christ wants for His established ecclesiae. It is our desire – and God’s desire – that this International Fellowship of believers know one another, and are themselves known to one another.

After a nearly year-long process of suggestions, legal review and revision, we have unanimously settled on these Ordination Guidelines as our final, simple answer to these complicated situations. As a UNTCI Minister, you can be absolutely certain that your footing is sure, and your Ministry Association and ordination through this Association are rock-solid in integrity and legality, worldwide. [/ebs_toggle]
[ebs_toggle title=”I am a Lifetime Member. How do the updated Ordination Guidelines affect me?” icon=”glyphicon-leaf” icontype=”glyphicon” iconcolor=”#6dd622″]As a standing Lifetime Member, you have fulfilled the “Membership” requirement. You do need to address the other issues, and come into compliance by September 20, 2014.[/ebs_toggle]
[ebs_toggle title=”What Happens if I Don’t Come into Compliance with These Guidelines by September 20, 2014?” icon=”glyphicon-leaf” icontype=”glyphicon” iconcolor=”#6dd622″]Your Ministry Association Membership will remain active until it’s next renewal anniversary and your ordination through the Association will be archived as “Inactive”.You will not be able to hold yourself out as an Ordained Minister until the Ordination Guidelines have been met.[/ebs_toggle]
[ebs_toggle title=”I Can’t Afford the Membership and Giving Requirements. What do I do?” icon=”glyphicon-leaf” icontype=”glyphicon” iconcolor=”#6dd622″]Please re-read the Membership section of the Ordination Guidelines. Click the link provided there and read *all* of the information available on that page. Waivers and discounts are readily available for qualifying members. There is no reason income restrictions should keep you from ministering the Gospel of Christ.

You *will* have to pay for your own background check, and you have until September 20, 2014 (nearly 3 months at the time of this notice) to collect the funds and procure your background check OR turn in a signed waiver form if you are not going to be working with women, children or families in any ministry capacity.[/ebs_toggle]
[ebs_toggle title=”There’s No Way I Can Stay Involved in the Online Community. I’m Too Busy.” icon=”glyphicon-leaf” icontype=”glyphicon” iconcolor=”#6dd622″]This is a simple matter of prioritization. Please download the Monthly Ordination Checklist provided via the blue button on this page. In it, you will find that you are only “required” to participate once per month in your Regional Group and also Tucker Hall worldwide fellowship hall.

It is our hope and prayer that you will find comeraderie and edification through your interactions here and will build ministry fellowships to last a lifetime. However, the bare minimum requirement is to participate only once per month. If taking out 10 minutes once per month to share what God is doing in and through your ministry – and edify your fellow members in doing so – is too much of a commitment, we may not be the place for you.

We are not to forsake gathering together, and in this Association, that’s where we gather outside of Regional and International conferences.[/ebs_toggle]



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