Administrative Message from the Prelate ~ UPDATE on re-occurring benevolence system

As promised in the previous post…

Here is an update on the re-occurring Benevolence system interruption reported yesterday (3/6/2019)

As our IT people upgraded our payment methods system to a newer and more secure version of the same system, they discovered that some of the long-term subscriptions did not fit the current (new) requirements for security. These subscriptions were automatically canceled by the system.

If you are a long-time re-occurring giver of benevolence, your subscription may have been affected. If so, it is my understanding that you would have received a “subscription cancellation notice” by email. UNTCI Administration should be contacting each of you that we know were affected, in order to inform and help you get back on track.

I am recommending to everyone that is subscribed to the re-occurring Benevolence system, to check their status and ensure all is well. The entire ministry operation is reliant upon the benevolence of this fellowship. When we don’t meet our promises, we can’t meet the needs of our ministries and missions… every penny is important to their lives.

It was not our intention to cancel anyone, only provide better, more robust security to our system. I apologize for the hardship this may have caused, and I ask you, please help us through this and get us back to whole again as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask at (256) 262-3052 during normal office hours or email us at

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Dr. Fifer is the Prelate of The United New Testament Church and President of it's ministry association UNTCI. He also serves as Provost and Head Administrator for UNTCI's Seminary Trinity Evangelical Christian University. He is a Pastor of a small country church, author, and teacher. He holds degrees in Theology, Ethics, and Divinity Studies with emphasis in Hermeneutics.

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