FINAL HOURS FOR 50% Off: 2015 TECU Spring Enrollment Scholarship

ACT NOW: This Donor-Funded Scholarship is only available to the first 15 Candidates who Enroll before Midnight Central Time, Saturday, April 4, 2015.  These scholarship seats are awarded on a first-come, first served basis and will be the only such scholarships offered this calendar year.  If you have been considering enrolling in TECU, now is the time to do so.  This opportunity won’t come again.


Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to expand or update your ministry skill sets to better serve the Body of Christ.

This 2015 50% Off Spring TECU Enrollment Scholarship is a gift to the Body of Christ courtesy of the Mary Magdalene Berryman Memorial Scholarship Fund.  


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2) Select your required Prerequisite courses (click Enroll Now to add courses to your enrollment cart)
3) Select your main course of study (PMC™ Certification, Oxford Method ™ or CLEPP ™)
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At TECU, you will enjoy the freedom and the power of many exciting distinctives we have pioneered in the field of Seminary Education.

1) Graceful Learning. First, you will notice that you are studying under a blanket covering of Grace.  Peaceful online fellowship environments, Agape fellowship peer interactions and low-stress educational methodologies are all key to our extraordinarily successful Graceful Learning directive.

2) Spirit-Rich Environment. You are enrolled in a distance learning school of spiritual learning, and we depend on the flow and leadership of the Holy Spirit. You take as much or as little time as you need with each assignment, subjecting yourself to the leadership and counsel of the Holy Spirit. Your educational time at TECU should be a rich soaking in the presence of the Holy Spirit, as He leads you through each day.

3) Respectful Structure. Our Self-Guided Oxford Method learning method is second to none in respecting your time, commitments and need for flexibility. The scheduling of that time can be as vastly different and varied as you are! We have no intention of taking away from the life God has given you, or the responsibilities that come along with it. Our goal is to enrich your life with spiritual maturity and understanding through the individual guidance of the Holy Spirit.

You Will Experience Biblical Lamad Learning

The Hebrew philosophy of education and worldview focuses on relationships. They look at the whole view of life. Their study centers on how everything in life is related to the Creator and creation. They study the “Big Picture” first. Then they look to see how the smaller parts relate to the larger.

The Hebrew language uses one root (lamad) for the two words “to teach” and “to learn.” In the Hebrew culture, the teacher has not taught unless the student has learned. All learning and teaching is ultimately to be found in the fear of the Lord. The goal of teaching is not the impartation of facts but the changing of lives. For the Hebrew, knowledge (yadah) involves personal encounter and response to God’s revelation.

In the lamad method of learning, we are returning to the Hebraic concept of education, including this personal encounter and revelation. The classroom becomes a place of impassioned discussion and the sharing of real life experience. It is a place where we meet God and share in the life experiences of others. It is a place where we practice truth. The classroom is not separated from life but is actually part of our lives.

Lamad Lifelong Learning

Learning is to be lifelong. It is impossible to cram education into the early years of our lives. Learning, transformation, assimilation, and creativity are lifelong matters, with extended periods of time being given to first one topic and then another, until one’s giftedness has been multiplied many fold (Matt. 25:20).

The lamad study method causes the student to delight in the discovery process. It creates a lifelong love of learning that produces joy in knowing the Father as our Creator. It also develops a healthy respect for and proper approach to stewardship of creation.

Greek philosophy of education and worldview does just the opposite. They start with the parts and move to the whole. They don’t always consider how all of life relates to everything. The interconnectedness of life is often ignored or overlooked.

Lamad Key Components

The Greeks emphasized “detached information,” while the Hebrews stressed “personal encounter.” It was important to the Hebrews that each learner personally encounter and be transformed by what was before him. Spiritual encounter and response to the revelation of God is the central dynamic of Scripture. Life is the classroom. If we offer classes, we must make sure they are life encounters in which we practice truth.

Goal of Instruction

Lamad learning recognizes the GOAL of our instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith (I Tim. 1:5). You will notice that all of these are HEART realities. The mind is made to serve the heart. All training is to be heart-focused. Mankind has been FORBIDDEN to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” Instead, he is to eat from the “Tree of Life,” Jesus Christ!

Lamad Teaching Techniques

Personal encounter demands a teaching style of guided self-discovery, where the student is guided in his own uncovering of the truth. Lamad learning encourages the flow of revelation within the hearts of the students. Discovery often happens best in a lively interchange within the classroom. Therefore, effective group interaction must be promoted and guided by the lamad teacher.

The Abiding Realities

“Now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” (I Cor. 13:13). Certain things are central to life and eternity; others are not. Anger, fear, and doubt are temporary and will be swallowed by love. The lamad curriculum constantly emphasizes the abiding realities, instilling them in the lives of its students.

The Bible teaches us that we have an anointing that is true and not a lie.

The Holy Spirit is the anointing who abides in us. He causes us to know all things.

We do not need to have anyone teach us because the anointing teaches us all things.

Hebrews believe that all learning and teaching begins and is completely encompassed around the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. This requires a dependency on the Holy Spirit to impart revelation knowledge to the disciple.

Revelation is simply that “divine spark” that gives us the light of understanding and opens our spiritual eyes to see biblical truth.

If one studies the Word without gaining revelation knowledge from the Holy Spirit, it produces legalism. It is boring and dry theology that produces religious pride. Gaining information without revelation leads to stagnation of the natural senses. It dulls the mind and puts the human spirit to sleep. No wonder some people snore during certain sermons. :)

Revelation knowledge must be combined with reasoning together with God.

Reasoning takes place on the left side of the brain. Revelation is acquired from the right side of the brain. We need to learn to use both for a balanced educational experience that delights the spirit and enlightens the soul.

Learning by the Spirit is not a duty. It’s a delight! Guaranteed!


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