TECU Dean of Schools Resigns

Rev. Dr. Dennis J. Lawson Sr.
TECU Dean of Schools
Nov 2017 to Mar 2019

On February 27th 2019, Trinity Evangelical Christian University’s Office of the Provost and President received a letter of resignation from Rev. Dennis J. Lawson Sr. PhD, Dean of Schools, to be effective March 1st 2019.

The resignation sited scheduling conflicts and the time necessary to focus on the requirements of the Dean’s Office. Presently, his local Ministries are growing through hard work and the providence of God and with that comes the need for more attention and time.
We here at UNTCI & TECU understand this very well and therefore have accepted his resignation with prayers for his future and the future of his ministries with thanksgiving to God for the service that he provided while a part of our Seminary.

Rev. Lawson, is a long-time member of the UNTCI Ministry and Fellowship as well as an Alum of TECU. He plans to continue rostered as an Ordained Clergy Member in good standing and lend help and encouragement to the Fellowship as he can.

During Rev. Dr. Dennis J. Lawson Sr.’s tenure as Dean of Schools, TECU was able to establish two Satellite Campus. The first being a physical campus maintained through a local affiliate church in Bondotowne, Kenya – where through the assistance of key UNTCI members there, we were able to begin Bachelor Degree programs for Pastors of local area churches. We are currently in the process of teaching a second, larger class there that is due to graduate in August of 2019. The second is also a physical campus located in Nigeria operating as an extension school for The Great Commission Bible College. There, the Students of the Bible College there can now continue their education into Graduate Degree Studies through our Oxford Method Degree Programs overseen locally by the School Rector.

These accomplishments, along with the Seminary’s curriculum overhaul would not have been possible this quickly without the input, leadership, and sense of responsibility that Dr. Lawson brought to the Office. He will be missed.

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Dr. Fifer is the Prelate of The United New Testament Church and President of it's ministry association UNTCI. He also serves as Provost and Head Administrator for UNTCI's Seminary Trinity Evangelical Christian University. He is a Pastor of a small country church, author, and teacher. He holds degrees in Theology, Ethics, and Divinity Studies with emphasis in Hermeneutics.

2 thoughts on “TECU Dean of Schools Resigns

  1. Thank you so much Dr. Fifer for your kind words. It has been and honor and privilege working under your tutelage and mentoring. The knowledge and experience I gained through my time with TECU will no doubt serve me well in my local ministries here in Denver. I will stay connected with UNTCI and TECU through fellowship and membership. Thank you and God’s blessings! 🙏🏻

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