UNTCI “The Office Is Open”

Relationship in Christ

The UNTCI “Home Office” and the campus are open for normal business after the long Summer break.

Much has happened over the Summer break that continues to present the membership with problems and challenges. The main issue has been the corruption and downing of our website that has required us to rebuild from scratch. We continue to work as quickly as we can, however we will require your prayers and patience as we continue to build.

There are many of the primary functions returning to the website, however they might not look the same or be in the same place. We encourage all of the membership to log on (www.untci.org) and look around.

Much of the communication, member to member and office to membership has been getting done through our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/untci). we are encouraging everyone to visit the page, like, and follow us there to ensure you are getting the latest and remain in communion with the ministry during this time.

UNTCI has also launched an Instagram Page to help with communication efforts and remain at the leading edge. Find us there at www.instagram.com/untciministries

Equipping the Called

Additionally, the Seminary / University campus website is down for the same reasons as our main page. It is not available at this time to help guide prospective students to the programs they may need, or support the students already studying with the things they may require to get through and complete their studies. Therefore, we are encouraging the current students to use the TECU Facebook page (www.facebook.com/tecu.alumni) to communicate and watch for news and updates. We plan to list our most popular courses and programs of study on the TECU Facebook page with a link to enroll. This will serve to fill the gap while we rebuild there next, and serve in the future as an outreach tool for the school.

So, Blessings be upon all of us as we move into this season with much to do. But, let us not ever forget who we do this much for! May God be glorified in all of it.

Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer, Prelate

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